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2004-02-04  Europe joins race to send man to Mars

A European could step out onto the surface of Mars within three decades, under European Space Agency (ESA) plans spelled out this week. ...  Подробнее>>>

2004-02-03  Incan counting system as easy as 1,2,3,5

The Inca invented a powerful counting system that could be used to make complex calculations, according to an Italian engineer professor who says he has cracked the mathematics of this ancient population. ...  Подробнее>>>

2004-02-03  Soggy Balkan relics reveal ancient life

A waterlogged archaeological site in Croatia has given European archaeologists an insight into Bronze Age life....  Подробнее>>>

2004-01-28  Neanderthals couldn`t cope with the cold

Neanderthals had to compete against modern humans and were wiped off the face of the Earth in a prehistoric battle for survival, according to a new report....  Подробнее>>>

2004-01-28  Earth's core under fire to reveal secrets

What happens to iron at the Earth's core and how hot it gets has been revealed by a U.S. study that recreated the core's high pressure and temperature....  Подробнее>>>

2004-01-22  Earth to Mars, are you receiving?

Thunderstorms over Australia last night prevented the Mars rover from carrying out its duties, according to NASA....  Подробнее>>>

2004-01-22  Mapping the Sixth Sense

Most of us have felt it before - that sinking feeling that something is about to happen, that something is not quite right. It's the stuff of scary movies, X-Files episodes and psychic visits. ...  Подробнее>>>

2004-01-20  Hubble

Australian scientists are shocked and disappointed over recently announced plans to abandon the Hubble Space Telescope. ...  Подробнее>>>

2004-01-20  Snowballs from Space

Our home, Planet Earth, is a very wet place. In contrast, our neighbor, Mars, is a desert. Three-quarters of Earth's surface is covered by water. It's mainly in liquid form, though ice exists over the northern and southern polar oceans and water vapor is present in the atmosphere. ...  Подробнее>>>

2004-01-16  Black holes redefined by a jet of rays

The definition of a black hole may need to change now that an international team of astronomers has discovered one of its defining characteristics elsewhere. ...  Подробнее>>>

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