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Comments on "Stigmata"


Hey well I actually had a STIGMATA it is very different than depicted in television and film and very different again than in books that I have looked at after I started to research with Church people and others about why I was chosen. STIGMATA is real, people whom create these things to fraud others are crying out for help or attention or money. I never asked for this and was not a believer when this happened to me, not in the slightest..Most people who claim to have or have had stigmata are very deep people of Faith. Nope I wasn't and it took me a few more signs from say GOD that there could actually be something beyond my comprehension. Since I have been researching why I was chosen I have started to discover things about myself that have shocked even me...Thanks for your comments on this I am planning to make a film about this topic and they are helpful to see. I tell you I would have never believed if it didn't happen to me Never would I have. I welcome you to join my FACEBOOK page search GODWORKS@ROGERS.COM or to view my pics on MYSPACE at WWW.MYSPACE.COM/THEUNIVERSALPROGRAMMAR Sincerely Aura T. Pithart

From Dee

I would like to include a quote from this article in my novel. Who should I ask for permission? seems to own the copyright but their site is in Russian. HELP!! Thanks! Dee

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