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Comments on "Tibetan Stone Discs"

From koo look

The rongopongo island is a remnant of the archipelago which formed Atlantis. This can be easily proved. If scientists are willing, I will lead them to the evidence.

From Situationwest

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From tushar kant kothari

i think these stone discs are some kind of gramophone discs only played on particular instruments which belongs to aliens from universe and they tries to send there message to human on earth and yet its not possible for earth to decode messages recorded on stone discs

From Noel Quitugua

I am from the island of Saipan, below Japan and above Guam, a U.S. territory and our islands as well as native inhabitants are considered Micronesians comprising people from Palau, Yap, Marshalls, Ponape, Chamorros were I am from, Chuuk and Korsae. And believe it or not, the indigenous people from the island of Yap manufactured stone money before Spanish arrival that are considered their native money, ranging from 12 inches to 10 to 12 feet in diameter very similar with Tibetan stone discs. Nobody knows from the island of Yap why their ancestors sailed their voyaging canoes hundreds of miles to the island of Palau, carved out these circular stone with a hole in the middle, transported to their islands on possibly a huge bamboo raft to their islands. Today it is considered money because many lives were lost at sea during their journey and all carved stones discs are erected on most village paths. Another very interesting is that most of the indigenous Yapese have different physical features that looks more like the Dropas people. Anyone studying these discs, surf the net, and lookinto Yap Stone Money. Maybe there is a connection with the Tibetan Stone Discs and Yapese Stone Money. Noel Quitugua

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