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Comments on "Mystery of Shambhala"

:· 2006-08-22

Your information about the mystical land of Shambhala was most enlighting. I've wondered about this magical place every since I was a little boy and heard "Three-Dog Nites" "On the Road to Shambala"...One of my earliest and strangest memories. I found particularly interesting the concept that as one gets closer and closer to Shambhala the directions become purposely more and more vague. This is to discourage the Barbarians from finding Shambala. Eventually the Barbarians of raw materialism will take over the whole Earth..then, just when they think they have conquered the whole world, the glorious inhabitants of Shambhala reveal their world. It's wonderful to know that in the end the people of Shambhala win over the Barbarians (whose whole world is Hate and Money.) Who Knows? The Myth may be right. After all, each wave of The Counter Culture has become stronger than the last.

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