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Comments on "The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar"

From Barrie-jon Bower

It was lost at the battle of mount baddon which was the 12th battle.. the battle between the Saxons and the celts here on Hounslow heath in the UK. battle of camallan was the 11th battle" where king Arthur was meant to have lived!! james the 1st won the battle and took control of the land that was then turned into private hunting ground from Hampton court to harrow (uk) no one was allowed on this land. records can be picked up again with henry the 1st" where it is wrote; for then he raised the land. what they did was bury the town as romans were known for securing there homes with dirt to the roofs and make trenches!! this was all flat land but soundly there is now a hill here; it gets lost when henry 7th did not want to pass on the knowledge to henry 8th his son" henry 7th best mate was duke of Northumberland who when henry 7th died hired the height of the water level in remeberence of the king??? he did it to hide the entrance... been hidden under the ground here for a long time!!! I believe I have located it!!! but I cant get any further... I have found a tomb which I have on my email" this is at the entrance to the church.... the vaults are located in the river.. the duke of Northumberland river, its where the name riverbank came from the river was his bank!! oak island is where they built ships the money pit with al the different platforms is the different levels to build the ships/// it was the main army area for easter island" easter island is in a perfect line from oak island

From Josh Hamer-Snyder

I am from Missouri and I can tell you that I have found the knights templar list treasure and it's relics. I'm going to look for the severed sword today to prove it I've found a shield with and A looking Mark with a banner on it and seven swords. Although the riches are being are up by diet and sand and many of the caverns are caved in the entire bed and sides are full. I opened 2 Egyptian sarcophagus so far and rocks turned to cobras. I literally seen a king cobra and 2 partial swords thanks to a curse. Every rock in it is a old gem. M.U. laughed at me when I called them and after several attempts and emails I give up. The waters talk to me and I've also discovered the first dead sea scroll and am afraid to open it. I need help before it's too late. My number is 816 868 7370. I'm not the only one who's found it they are stealing this treasure and cheating I've lost everything my home my frie.ds and family because of this and I'm desperate for help from an archeologist and financially. Please time is running out

From Bruce watson

If the Sinclair family thinks the templar treasure exists. Well thats good enough for me. I dont believe its on oak island but i really hope those guys find something. I think Henry Sinclair past oak island when he was in Roadisland .i think he knew the treasure was hear but he wasnt sure where and i dont think he found anything. There is a map thats was found 200 years ago that tells us the last place the.templars was. Its been labled a fraud by many. I decifered the map and went to its location. Fact!!!!! At this location is many legends #1 The surveyor for the Connecticut land development in 1790 found several thousand graves buried in christion fasion.#2two hilltop enclosures 7 graves were dugup in 1972 by case western bones were dated 1340 thats a fact.. #3 gold tablets were found in a small mound. #4 the map that was found dates 1362. Fact. #5 I uncovered a stone shaft at the top of a hill at the entrance to a ancient harbor. The shaft is 60 feet above the watertable and a 300 year old tree growing next to it .it has a flagstone top . Im only at 30 feet and ran into heavy bolders .at the top its3 feet across at 30ft its 15 feet across no mortor. Anyone care to coment.. or wish to help. I think im a very logical person.

From Walter Kunz

The question is where did the copra(coconut fiber) come from. The obvious answer is Goa, India where the Portuguese had a province for 450 years until 1961 when it was annexed by Indio. The Templars had a presence in Goa and at that time India and Ceylon where the worlds largest exporters of copra. As far as the eel grass is concerned it was widely harvested along the northern coast of North America.


Actually the bulk of Captain Kidd's treasure remains buried off the eastern coast of Australia. Also much remains at his southern US hideaway. At the entrance to his compound stands a large animal statue. Embedded in it's forehead is soccer ball size jewel. I'm quite certain its a diamond. If anyone finds his lair before I can get back to it, on your left at the entrance is a derelict fishing boat. Stay completely away. It is booby trapped. Special thanks here to my Aboriginal Shaman and close friend for watching my back from half a world away with that warning. Can't even imagine what the coordinates could be worth...


What if they made it several hundred miles inland before deciding to construct the island? The one the Templars built when they rerouted the inner curve in the stream. Say they etched a sleeping hound into the rounded, mounded roof. Might that mean that it's protected? Booby trapped? Or might it be a warning that "Some dogs are better left sleeping?" What other symbols would the Knights have left to identify the area? Or would they? Say possibly four to six similarly wrought, only much smaller, ... I hadn't considered until this moment that after burying the treasure they might well have also buried their uniforms, everything that would hamper their movements in a dangerous New World. Then they simply walked away.

From ScottF

November 2026 - A Templar ship is what is buried under Oak island they accidently showed in the 2014 sonar reading even THEY missed! BUT THEY FOUND IT NOW! I took a photo on 2014 show of the sonar as they rotated it...You look at it.....What do you see? I have but can not post me and I send it...IT SO OBVIOUS! That is what you will hear in leader on upcoming shows when brothers are talking in a chamber and one says; " I know what I see! tell me what you see! Ok so when they show the sonar in 2014 we all looking at the "chest'...they rotated photo. The last second you see it all! THIS PHOTO! So...the treasure...whatever it was gone! looted out over the years....all but the ship! now think about it....IF you had large treasure no matter what it is you have to bury to keep s fe in a "vault".....why not just bury the ship and keep in those vaults.....AND IF need to move it...dig out and sail on! Obviously if Mcinnis family has old treasure and all these possible chambers and new land owners that got rich in 1800's like Samuel Ball who had many lots on Oak island FOUND the "treasure" BUT FINDING A TEMPLAR SHIP FROM 1100'S-1500'S depending on WHICH Templars and WHEN brought it here! GENERALSCOTTCOMCAST.NET ...for photo

From Horseshit22

Whata bunch of horse shit! There is no goddamed treasure there or it would have been found by now. "The carbon dating process pushes the date back as early as 1390". SOURCE??? Where are these scientific printouts of C-14 ??? Knights templar my ass!

From Ananda Joe

Why so difficult to find the treasure with so much modern technology. Where is the hiccups? Come on boyz there are so many tech advanced ways to locate this. Digging is dangerous as the soil is soaked and flooded. Ge the real expert to indulge is this interesting fact finding treasure and get it soon becoz the whole world is waiting for an answer and it taking too long.

From John DelFano

So, without using a lot of long winded rhetoric, say, for instance, some poor schmuck, after spending only a short time researching the same material as everyone else, see's something new and, in fact, is fortunate enough to locate the little, 'Some Dogs Are Better Left Sleeping,' island, several hundred miles inland from where it is presently thought to be. (curious symbol, sleeping hound). At least that would be my interpretation of a large sleeping dog symbol, with it's various hints and etchings and name, and symbology, including a depiction of the mercy seat, identifying the one's who rerouted the small river from it's original flow all those years ago. Be interested in learning the identity of the very attractive brunette haired woman, depicted as swashbuckling, in many an etching in the immediate vicinity of the island.

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