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Comments on "Alien Origins"

From Dakota

very fascinating but is how does this theory explain the multiple races of people on earth? is it possible that our people are refugees from dieing planets in the solar system? If you also notice, Each race of people are in specific locations on earth? A race for Each Location like Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and so on? all theorys are possible but why does it have to be so horrible? If Aliens wanted to invade or hurt us it would already have been done. More or less they maybe monitoring us. Instead of Mankind on earth being used as a slave race, is it possible that mankind was used as warriors to fight for the aliens agianst waring alien nations?

From Dakota

I mean look at instinctive nature. we come together to form nations and we fight. our statuer is perfect for fighting. why would any race that has robotics need slaves? im sure if Aliens have Space travel they have robotics right? another theory is that we are aliens that were sent here to mine and such and in many people stayed behind to make new lives. An add on to that theory is maybe this planet was used to hold prisoners such as POW's Crimanals and such and they were forced to mine and such. many theorys but we wont know the trueth for a long time.

From Joe

You postulate that a civilization that has survived 65 million years unbroken would employ slavery? Genetic engineered slavery? ... Granted they might have different moral values than ours, I find that unlikely. Also many accounts of interactions with the Grays do support your theory that the smaller more "submissive" creatures are under some kind of controlled direction - Almost like a hive mind or insect hive. However in all of these cases, there is always a taller gray with more personality and independence. Would they be slaves as well? I think we are dealing with multiple species visiting the Earth - Some more frequently than others, due to diverse motivations and distances.

From Prasanna

Is there any scientifically known evidence for such aliens?No!unless it is kept under wraps.How can you so strongly give this story then?Of course it'd be fascinating if this is true;but I don't think so.

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