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Comments on "The Sphinx"

From sandra cat

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From hotelbuchung tunesien

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From Dave

When is the world of archaeology and history going to quit patronizing that bigot Zahi Hawass? He is one of the most ignorant and arrogant people in the entire Egypt landscape. It is obvious that the "accepted" history of the Giza area is painfully flawed. His bigotted insistence that "Egyptians" built everything and were the masters of the ancient world is sickening. Every time I see him in a documentary, I know the show will be worthless and devoid of any real useful opinion. He arrogantly holds the Giza Plateau hostage and people put up with his ignorance and agree to his BS just so they can gain access to the site. He is a drag on science and a huge impediment to any real exploration in Egypt. Any time someone disagrees with his, what is now known as WRONG view of the history of Giza, he kicks them out like a spoiled child. All who are interested in Ancient Egypt will benefit when he is dead. Though I am sure noone will want to mummify him for posterity.

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