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Unexplained / Anthropology / Mysterious People / A.W. Underwood - Supernatural Fire-Breather

Comments on "A.W. Underwood - Supernatural Fire-Breather"

From Aura

Pyrokinesis is real in some cases. It is caused in some cases by extreme stress on an individual, suffering from rape, starvation, abuse and also from their ancestry!I bet A.W. Underwood ancestry was from Western Africa!I have witness pyrokinesis and it is real!Things can go wrong in a person's DNA!

From CHermano

The article cited in the "Michigan Medical News" (Vol.V., Detroit, September 11, 1882, No.17) is real. You can see/read it for yourself in Google Books, which has a scan of the original document. Google "Michigan Medical News September 11, 1882", click on "Michigan Medical News - Page 257" then Scroll down to page 263--it's on the upper left hand side.

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