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Comments on "My Atlantis"

From musa

well said Isidro. I am glad that not all are blinded by confused minds which have been over exposed to much information without being properly equipped with the word of our living God ( the holy bible). One can never be so ignorant as to not believe that Atlantis, the great ancient civilization existed. Even reading the bible proves that the must have been a civilization before us. However it also shows that this civilization went out of their way. You speak of the winged serpent the bringer of knowledge and light. That is great, but you forget that Lucifer was perfect in knowledge and was called the light bearer. Again I am glad that you have light, but you shunning it the wrong way. God is supreme above all and thus does not need your worship or need to feed on your negativity. If He needed to feed on your negativity then why would He encourage us to have faith, telling us that we are more than conquerors?

From believer

Very well said... i never thought of atlantis the way you have described it. It make sense, that what if we're just remnants of a very advance life forms/civilization... trying to bring back the past, hmm... interesting.

From a beliver

Your rationale is essentialy tells the story of ery mature mind. dvsorry for yupos srartheitis is a bad thing for people, I look forward to reading or hraring more of your work, congrats

From Samuel

4HmAa1 Hello! I'm Samuel Smith, i'm from Switqerland i and find your site really brilliant!

From vrtuyvhrtyuv



Nice site!

From Filandorya

impatience for day. He would send for me in the morning. I should 8K3LQ44ZXMC seemed to arouse himself. the conviction of the reality of all this

From isidro

In general, I agree with much of your thesis but will try to recast this from a Christian perspective. In the book of Genesis, it speaks of when the sons of God (i.e. angels) came to earth and married human woman and had children, called nephilim (fallens ones, but often translated giants). In the Book of Enoch, which I heartily recommend reading, it speaks of 200 angels led by Samazel(sp?) who taught humans astronomy, astrology, mathematics, sorcery, metal making for weapons and other high technology and occult practices. These angel called watcher were assigned to overlook man, not to intermarry and breed with human females. Their existence was of an eternal nature but since man/woman die, God provided them with a way continue their line by having children. The hybird offspring of angels and humans were giants and very wicked. Throughout history you have stories of giants. These are the nephilim. Goliath is an example of nephilim as are the Anakites, Rephaites and other giant tribes. God's judgment was that the 200 angels would be imprisoned in Tarturus and the nephilim would be destroyed in the flood for the most part. Noah who was considered "perfect in his generations" was purely human and had not corrupted his bloodline since the Messiah, Jesus Christ, had to born fully human. The angels had violated God's command that everything must reproduce after it's own kind/seed and had taught man abominable occult practices. This ante-delluvian culture, I believe, is the Atlantis. It was very highly advanced but they did do genetic engineering probably recorded in the Egyptian and Greek mythological stories of the sphinx, minotaur, centaur, mermaid, etc. Again, this violated God's rule of everything reproducing after it's own kind. In UFO culture, it's said that the U.S. government has already made treaties with the grey aliens and have established several underground bases for technology exchange. In the book of Daniel it speaks of how knowledge will increase in the last days and Jesus talks about how the end days will be like the days of Noah. I think the greys are a result of the genetic engineering of Atlantis and they are trying to bring back the return of Atlantis. Even the tall blondes called Nordics who say they are from Venus or Pleaides system are nephilim. Notice that they are tall like the giants maintaining theat genetic attribute. There are those who are awaiting the return of Atlantis, the New Age or the New World Order. If you look at history, ever since the Tower of Babel, Lucifer also called Satan has been looking to create a one world government and one world religion where he is god-king. Every nation that has accepted the mystery religions known as Mystery Babylon has participated in this attempt at world conquest starting with Atlantis, Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome and finally the last world empire which has been prophesied which will be destroyed when Jesus Christ comes at Armageddon but not before the AntiChrist rules for a 7 year period called the Tribulation. I'll end with the gospel. We've all sinned. I don't know anyone who hasn't broken at least one of the Ten Commandments. And God offers us reconcilition and forgiveness of our sins through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ if we repent of our sins and choose to follow Him. I hope this offers a thought provoking and insightful view of Atlantis.

From The Pagan

Hello and Good Day. I have come across this website while searching to Civilizarion 4 Strategy discussion and simply could not stop reading! This is quite an interesting article and I must say I was having fun reading. Unfortunatly I must say you are off base a bit on your thesis. Atlantians are simply an ancient myth and your evidence to prove other wise is, at best, shaky. Unless you can give more solid reasoning then I cannot believe you and will have to stick with better proven theories. I would be interested if you have any extra information or facts to back up your thesis, if so contact me at Otherwise your writing is good but the ideas, not so much. The idea of a super society falling to a plug being pulled is quite perposterous and implying humans degenerated during history is also quite unfeasible. I am open to different theories but if you want others to agree you need facts or proof to back it up and saying "the pyramids were just so advanced" really doesn't cut it. Sincerely, The Pagan

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