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AIFOM (Agrupacion de Investigacion del Fenomeno OVNI en Magallanes)

Contact information :
Phone: 261892
Contact e-mail

Esta agrupacion cuenta con el apoyo de AION ( agrupacion de investigaciones ovniologicas de chile ) somos una agrupacion que recien comienza y necesitamos informacion de organizaciones mas grandes y extranegeras.

Alaska Anthropological Association

Supporting all forms of anthropology within Alaska and about Alaskan societies.

Alaska Anthropological Association

Contact information :
PO Box 241686, Anchorage, AK 99524-1686

The purpose of the Association is to serve as a vehicle for maintaining communication among people interested in all branches of anthropology; to promote public awareness and education of anthropological activities and goals; to foster sympathetic appreciation of the past and present cultures of Alaskan peoples; to encourage Alaskan Natives to participate in the elucidation of their respective cultures; and to facilitate the dissemination of anthropological works in both technical and non-technical formats.

Alberta (Canada) UFO Study Group (AUFOSG)

Alberta UFO Study Group

Canadian Perspective on the UFO Phenomenon. Investigation and research into the UFO Phenomenon.

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