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Aliens UFOs Astronomy

It is about Aliens, UFOs, Astronomy and a large collection of UFO art, photos, and pics about UFOs, Aliens, with streaming videos.

Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics (APUA)

Contact information :
75 Kneeland Street, Boston, MA 02111-1901, USA, 617-636-0966,
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It is a non-profit, international organization solely dedicated to preserving the power of antibiotics. Founded in 1981, APUA conducts educational, research and international networking activities to promote more appropriate use of antibiotics around the world

Amateur Astronomers, Inc.

Contact information :
Union County College, 1033 Springfield Avenue, Cranford, NJ 07016, (908) 276-2730
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Founded on November 14, 1949 by a handful of dedicated amateur astronomers, AAI continues to promote an interest in the science of astronomy through its many activities and programs. These include courses, lectures, and college scholarships. With over 300 members, AAI is one of the largest astronomy clubs in the United States.

Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston Inc.

Contact information :
85 Swanton St Winchester, MA 1890

Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston Inc.

Contact information :
85 Swanton St, Winchester, MA 1890

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