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The Smithsonian's Anthropology Department defines anthropology as "the science that deals with the origins, physical characteristics, and cultural development of humankind."

We will focus our attention on the most interesting evolution facts of human being and society.

Studying anthropology we can learn about lost cultures from remarkably well-preserved human remains and explore ancient civilizations.

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: Mysterious People

People can often be the most complicated anomaly of all. This section is devoted to the lives of mysterious, strange and unusual people, that may make your next door neighbor seem... well, not so abnormal after all......

    :Angelique Cottin -The Electric Girl
    :A.W. Underwood - Supernatural Fire-Breather
    :Maria Jose Ferreira - Poltergeist Victim
    :Bottineau - The Remote Viewer of Mauritius
    :Zombie sightings -Fact or Fiction ?

: Human Body

Even our own bodies our surrounded by numerous mysteries like astral projections, stigmata, spontanious human combustion and more learn all about it here. ...

    :Spontaneous Human Combustion
    :The Invisibility Factor
    :Psychotronic weapons : Brain Manipulation From a Distance

: Evolution

Despite the scientifically based theory on humanity evolution there are still lots of unsolved problems... ...

    :Shroud of Turin
    :Ancient footwear
    :In Search of the Historical Jesus
    :The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar

: Legal Murder

Torture and the death penalty for life forms, for all those humans who have committed an offence or crime - yes or no? This question is no question at all for responsible and healthy thinking humans, because to think in a responsible and health way precludes the possibility of any thought of agony and revenge....

    :The History of Execution Methods
    :Death Penalty
    :Degrading Punishments
    :Crime and Punishment in the Ancient World of the Bible
    :Cannibalism Normal For Early Humans?

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