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What Not To Do

Before you get started trying to bend the spoons and forks, let me give you some tips on why it may not work or hasn't been working.

1. The reasons why someone has difficulty cultivating their telekinetic skills is usually one of several things. Some human emotions like stress can impede the process, though, once in awhile a stressful situation can actually increase someone's ability to achieve what appears as superhuman traits. I'm sure you've heard of the situations where all of a sudden something happens and someone can lift a ton of off someone. Yes, that has to do with adrenaline but there is also a dynamics of "quanta" going on there. In the moment of "have to" they released their natural ability to, seemingly, defy science. They didn't think about it, they just did it. No thinking, no preconceived judgments. Don't think about it so much---just practice without preconceiving.

2. Usually, though, if there isn't any real danger or need, the human emotions inhibit the path that the brain requires to create the neural network it needs to create this atmosphere. The more negative emotions, like guilt, fear, non trusting, judgmental attitudes and suspicion are enough to inhibit that natural flow that is required. One must believe it is possible. How else can we expect to manifest anything if we can't believe it's possible? You can't.

3. Don't obsess on it---relax!! Enjoy, cultivating another skill. It's not race, or a test. It's not about worth or worthy. So many spiritually based philosophies are based on reward. Spiritual awareness and evolution are not "prizes" you win. Opening up to higher levels of spiritual awareness is a growth process of evolving ones consciousness. Telekinetics is just one more skill with the ability of possible manifestation.

4. Don't carry preconceived ideas as to the outcome. Experience it, naturally. Don't script it. Don't tell yourself how it should go or that you have to be at a certain point at a certain time---all that impedes the energy. When you do that you are so busy thinking that the correct atmosphere or pathway can not be presented. Will and Reason are not juxtaposed to telekinetic ability.

5. Don't get frustrated and angry at yourself. Again, relax, Have fun with it.

6. Don't be self-conscious. Yes, many times people feel foolish or self conscious. Don't. If you can't do it right away it says nothing about who you are. It simply just says the spoon or fork isn't bending, yet---that's all.

What Can You Do ?

1. What we do is have an accepting attitude. Believe it can happen. Everyone I ever taught this technique to and who was successful in bending a fork or spoon, had a POSITIVE attitude about it. They may not have believed they could do it but they did believe it was possible. That's a start for the proper frame of mind. Next, believe YOU can!!

2. Focus your attention. So many people say they are concentrating but in fact their minds are scattered and they aren't really into it at all. Be there. Learn to do only one thing at a time. This is difficult in the contexts of our society's established standards. There seems to be a badge of honor attached to being able to do 50 things at once. We somehow seem to derive worth from this. Well, it's unhealthy. It's what contributes to stress, anxiety, elevated blood pressure and even depression and a host of other "dis-eases". Don't get caught up in all that. It's not about how much you can do but how well you do. It's about quality not quantity. It's a fact that the brain can really only think of one think at a time. Work with the natural process of your brain. There is an inner dialogue going on that can be distracting and scattering the energy. There are many techniques that will teach you the discipline that is required for stilling the Mind and to help you learn what true concentration really is. I recommend meditation, or Qigong, Yoga, Tai Chi or any one of the contemplative arts as a viable form to enhance self discipline and awareness.

3. The Art of Stillness. Practice being still. Yes, actually, being still without thinking anything. Try it. All the masters have acquired this skill. They can actually, sit still and think of no-thing. This is why they are able to do the "mystical" manifestations that we see. Opening a lock with the wave of a hand, or seemingly walk about without being noticed. They know how not to cause ripples in the Universal Energy. They have mastered the Self. They truly can focus on one thing and only one thing at a time. The longer you can sit still and still your mind, the more available energy you have. It is in that discipline that teaches, patience, acceptance and unconditional being. This is a skill that will enhance every aspect of your life. It's a great way to enhance one's healing techniques as well.

4. Learn to "Let Go". As soon as something, whether it's an old bias, an old emotion, blouse, anything---let go of it. Resolve things in your life as quickly as possible. It will unclutter your mind and your emotions will flow more evenly and smoothly. By learning to, "let go", we also learn to let go of preconceived out come, that is how we "think" it will turn out. If you can't let go then you are still trying to control it. If you are still trying to control things then you close off many pathways of personal and spiritual growth. Let things happen when appropriate to do so.

5. Remember the 'Law of Coalesce'? When you think on something it will attract like thoughts. 20 seconds of one pure thought attracts an equal amount of pure energy of the same resonance and quality. Each 20 mark increases a multiplies the energy. Can you imagine what you could manifest just by 2 minutes of pure unadulterated thought!!? This equation works equally for both types of thoughts---be the positive or negative in origin. Be mindful of what you think on or about. Every action you take was proceeded by a thought. What was the quality of yours?

Those were some of the techniques that will help you open up to all your abilities. They are healthy guide lines for life whether you are bending spoons or not.

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I'm confused on how we neglect our telekinetic abilities from day one. A baby does not know any better than to urinate on himself, and does so. What is inherent in a baby's pyche that would not let him make use of is paranormal ability when he has not been instructed to not do so. Your statements are, to be blunt unfounded, and asinine.
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i appreciate that article. its is extremely insightful on both a telekinetic level and life wisdom. i would love to hear more from this writer.
Comment from Ryan for Telekinesis page 2
Ever since i have been a little kid i have been ubssesed with this kind of stuff and i have always wanted to learn how. I would just love the feeling of it and just aquiring that skill. If you could just send me some helpful emails for learning how to bend a spoons or levitate something i would be very thankful.
Comment from Frank Raymond for Telekinesis page 2
Hey, Im very interested in learning how to use and control my psychic power. I ask that you email me on how to do telekinetics. You can email me at Thank You
Comment from nick for Telekinesis page 2
The question is, can you do it or are you just writing like you know much on the topic?
Comment from Chris for Telekinesis page 2
I've learned so much about how the brain works when using psychic powers. But I was wondering are there people who are willing to teach anybody how to bring out and use their power? If so are there any teachers in Durham?
Comment from Emily for Telekinesis page 2
Where are you located? I'm in georgia im 15 years old and im very interesded in learning how to do things like you talk about. If you would be so kind and help me learn how to do this i would be verry happy. my sister said its impossable but im aiming to prove her wrong. i don't want fame or anything i just want to know what i can do. please email me and tell me how i can do this.
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sou have taught this technique do u still teach and if u teach it will you teach me im not looking ofr fame or fortune or to impress my friends i guess it would be cool to say that i can lift up a rock to myself thank you. cameron rowe
Comment from Mark for Telekinesis page 2
Thank u for that. Very interesting.
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