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Tibetan Stone Discs

In 1938 high in the mountains of BayanKara-Ula, on the borders of China and Tibet a team of archaeologists were conducting a very detailed routine survey of a series of interlocking caves.

Their interests had been excited by the discovery of lines of neatly arranged graves which contained the skeletons of what must have been a race of human beings. They appeared to have spindly bodies and large overdeveloped heads.

At first it had been thought that the caves had been the home of a hitherto unknown species of ape. But as the species seemed to bury its dead they eliminated an ape race.

While studying the skeletons one of the members of the team stumbled on a large round stone disc half buried in the dust on the floor of the cave.

The disc looked like an Stone Age record. There was a hole in the center of and a fine spiral groove that is a continuous spiralling line of closely written characters.

Tibetian Stone Disc

No one understood the meanings of the message. The disc was labeled and filed away among other finds in the area. For 20 years many experts in Peking tried to translate the disc.

Finally Dr. Tsum Um Nui broke the code and started to decipher the "speaking grooves". The Peking academy of Pre-History forbade him to publish his findings.

In 1965 716 more grooved stone discs were uncovered in the same caves.

They told the story of a "space probe" by the inhabitants of another planet who came to the Baya-Kara-Ula mountain range. They had crash landed. Their peaceful intentions had been misinterpreted. Many of them had been hunted down and killed by members of the Han tribe, who lived in the neighboring caves.

They referred to themselves as the Dropas. They said they came down from the clouds in their space craft. It crashed landed in remote and inaccessible mountains. There was no way to build a new ship.

Legend in the area spoke of small gaunt yellow faced men who came from the clouds long ago. The men had huge bulging heads and puny bodies. They were so ugly they were hunted down and killed. This description is similar to the bodies found in the caves.

On the walls of the caves archaeolgists found crude pictures of the rising Sun, the Moon, unidentifiable stars and the earth all joined together by lines of pea-sized dots. The cave drawings have been dated around 12,000 years ago.

The cave area is still inhabited by 2 semi-troglodyte tribes known as the Hans and the Dropas. These tribes are odd looking in appearance. They are frail and stunted in growth averaging only about 5 feet in height. They are neither typically Chinese nor Tibetan.

In Russia several of the discs were tested. The discs were found to contain large amounts of cobalt and other metallic substances. When placed on a special turnrable they vibrated or hummed in an unusual rhythm as thought an electric charge was passing through them. It is as if they formed some part of an electrical circuit.

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Comment from koo look for Tibetan Stone Discs
The rongopongo island is a remnant of the archipelago which formed Atlantis. This can be easily proved. If scientists are willing, I will lead them to the evidence.
Comment from Situationwest for Tibetan Stone Discs
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Comment from tushar kant kothari for Tibetan Stone Discs
i think these stone discs are some kind of gramophone discs only played on particular instruments which belongs to aliens from universe and they tries to send there message to human on earth and yet its not possible for earth to decode messages recorded on stone discs
Comment from Noel Quitugua for Tibetan Stone Discs
I am from the island of Saipan, below Japan and above Guam, a U.S. territory and our islands as well as native inhabitants are considered Micronesians comprising people from Palau, Yap, Marshalls, Ponape, Chamorros were I am from, Chuuk and Korsae. And believe it or not, the indigenous people from the island of Yap manufactured stone money before Spanish arrival that are considered their native money, ranging from 12 inches to 10 to 12 feet in diameter very similar with Tibetan stone discs. Nobody knows from the island of Yap why their ancestors sailed their voyaging canoes hundreds of miles to the island of Palau, carved out these circular stone with a hole in the middle, transported to their islands on possibly a huge bamboo raft to their islands. Today it is considered money because many lives were lost at sea during their journey and all carved stones discs are erected on most village paths. Another very interesting is that most of the indigenous Yapese have different physical features that looks more like the Dropas people. Anyone studying these discs, surf the net, and lookinto Yap Stone Money. Maybe there is a connection with the Tibetan Stone Discs and Yapese Stone Money. Noel Quitugua
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