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Alien Origins

The biggest puzzle facing UFO investigators today is trying to piece all the accumulated evidence together into a single coherent picture. This evidence includes:

Descriptions of several distinct species, including but not limited to the so called grays, reptoids, human, and other humanoids such as mothmen, big foot ...etc. With apparent recovery of some of these in downed and disabled craft.

A variety of distinct craft, including disks, elipisoids, spheres, cylindrical (cigar shaped), boomerang, triangular, and several peculiar others. Each of these craft type exhibit distinctive operating characteristics. Some of these craft types can be associated with certain species as mentioned above.

Apparent abductions of humans for the purpose of physiological testing, psychological response testing, genetic testing, human breeding experiments, cross-breeding experiments and probably other that are not yet known. This process sometimes includes the implantation of possible tagging and tracking devices and spans generations in a single family.

Abduction of cattle, horses, sheep, and possible other terrestrial species for the purpose of obtaining (mining) certain body parts or organic materials.

Interdiction with world governments either by aerial confrontation or deliberate diplomatic contact.

Evidence of interdiction by these species through known history, giving rise to speculation that humanity may be a deliberately bred species.

Skeptics and debunkers have long argued that several factors "prove" the current body of evidence to be unworthy of serious consideration. These includes:

1. Based on what is known to scientist about the physics of the universe, the described characteristics of observed UFO's is simply not possible for physical objects.

2. The distance between stars is so vast and the effort and time for a species to transverse it so large, that even if there were other intelligent technological species in our galaxy (for which there is not a shred of accepted evidence in support of) that it would be statically unlikely that earth has ever be visited.

3. Even if earth were to be visited, it is very unlikely that the genetic makeup of the visitors would begin to be compatible on the DNA level. This would make any genetic crossbreeding untenable.

4. Even if genetic crossbreeding were feasible, one would not require the methods that appear to be employed. One need only to take a few cell samples, map the gene structure, reproduce the desired genes, and splice these genes into their DNA strands by use of recombinant gene splicing techniques. Therefore, a species advanced enough to reach earth needs only to take a few cell samples of the local flora and fauna of interest, to gain a total knowledge of it's genetic makeup and capabilities.

5. No credible evidence (such evidence would have to be of such a nature as to preclude any other conclusion) has ever emerged from the observation of UFO's to indicate any alien activity.

Given the above, can a self consistent picture be derived that both satisfies the body of evidence and at the same time provide credible answers to the critics objection. The answer is yes. However, this proposed solution may appear to make the earth a NEXUS for the local interstellar activity.


It is possible, given the time span that life has existed on earth, that other terrestrial intelligent technological species have evolved. If this had occurred one of the most probable candidate species would be a form of theropod. The reasoning for this includes:

1. This order of animal is thought to have existed in some form on the earth for the last 240 million years

2. Most theropods were either omnivorous or carnivorous and their current living descendants (birds) still follow this pattern. The forces of evolution tend towards intelligence in predatory animals. It has been speculated that this is due to fact that to survive as a predator the animal must be able to "outsmart" it's prey. If the observed reptoids UFO occupants are in fact descendants of theropods, then several key objection listed above (specifically 2 and 3) are immediately resolved. these include:

1. They would naturally be from a local star system since there point of origin is the earth.

2. They would know of earth's existence, location and importance to their history.

3. They would be biologically compatible with terrestrial DNA.

4. They would by definition have the technology required to travel the interstellar distances involved.

5. There physiological makeup and appearance would be consistent with observations.

6. There would probably be a sufficient psychological drive to make the effort to maintain contact with the home-world.

This would mean that this particular species must have an unbroken civilized history of at least 65 million years if one assumes that this species origin predates the cretaceous extinctions. One can only speculate as to the technological developments that an intelligent species could develop in this time span, however, there technology would be limited by both physiological limitations (brain capacity and reasoning ability) and the limitation of nature itself.


From the description of the observed behavior and appearance of the species commonly called the "grays" it is probable that this species is a subservient race in the service of some master (the reptoids?). It is also likely that this race was specifically bred to perform specific tasks with the culture. In this fashion the grays may well be biologically engineered robots "biots". Following this reasoning, it would be desirable to build into these biots specific limitations in both mental and physical capacities which would limit any autonomous capabilities, thus minimizing the possibility of "revolts". One such limitation would likely be autonomous reproduction. If reproduction were dependent on the master species, the grays very existence would inherently controlled by these masters. Another likely area to exert control is to limit the biot ability to obtain sustenance. If key nutrients were only available at specifically designed feeding stations the biots servitude is further assured. To accomplish this goal, it is likely that such biots would not have a functional digestive system. Nourishment would be directly administered in manner that would be both efficient and difficult to replicate.


Human UFO occupants have been observed both in conjunction with the grays as well as apparently operating autonomously. The humans that appear to operate independently have been described by both Adamski and Meier. It is notable that in each of these cases, deception appears to be a key factor. It may well be that this class of cases can be dismissed as pure hoaxes, yet, it is also possible that these human occupants need to keep their actual location and motives hidden. This certainly would be the case if this group was a faction of humanity that has divested itself from servitude from within a controlling society. This reasoning leads directly to the humans seen in conjunction with the grays. The behavior of these humans has been described as being a cooperative arrangement. It is highly likely that some humans from this planet have been utilized in some capacity by that culture.


Other UFO occupants that have been reported represent a very small percentage of these observations and may be either misidentifications, hoaxes, or other visiting species that appear to have stopped by to have a look see and then left.

Terrestrial Interaction

Given the above, one can develop a scenario that will fit the observed data. It goes as follows:

In the far distant past, an intelligent technological species of theropod did evolved on earth. This species developed space travel and established colonies in nearby star systems. The asteroid impact that apparently occurred 65 millon years ago devastated this civilization as well as nearly destroying the entire ecosystem. With their home civilization on earth devastated, the colonies were left to evolved on their own. It would be likely that the earth would be monitored and as the ecosystem recovered these reptoids would resume operations on earth. Given the distances and effort involved to move resources back to earth, it is likely that a need to augment the local work force with a native labor force that could accomplish the more menial and laborious tasks. A simple means of acquiring this labor would be to utilize local terrestrial stock and genetically alter this stock as necessary to accomplish these goals. This idea is not without precedent, since mankind itself has done this with dogs and domesticated livestock. It is likely that this is how modern man was developed.

Given the current status of humanity, it is likely that problems arose almost immediately with this race, simply put, they could not overcome the instinctive aggressive and independent nature of the base stock. It was because of these problems that another subservient race was developed. This race however, was not derived from local stock but was engineered from scratch to fill the need and to overcome and prevent the problems encountered earlier. The result of this effort was the grays.

It was discovered that for certain tasks, the independent nature of humans was a desirable trait, and also these humans proved to be a ideal host for the gestation of the gray's fetus. Therefore, although the grays replaced humans for most tasks, human were continued to be utilized within the society on a limited basis. It is from this human group that the Adamski/Meier humans might be derived.

After a time, the interest in earth declined, and only a small observation post was left in operation. Mankind was therefore left to developed on earth with only occasional interaction with it's former inhabitants.

In the meantime, the reptoids were continually modifying the grays, and developing specialized grays for specific tasks.

At some point, the grays evolved enough cognitive abilities to realize there status, and it is this faction of grays that is active on earth attempting to overcome their built in limitations. It is the remoteness of earth that allows this group of grays the required freedom of action.

To gain sustenance these grays must obtain certain nutrients and the simplest and most direct means is to mine them from local fauna.

To reproduce, the grays must obtain host females (called a "container"). Since utilizing the native population of humans currently carries little risk of interdiction, and no requirements for maintaining the host, this method is preferred. Specialized grays, (these grays are taller and more slender that the basic stock) developed specifically to work in genetic engineering labs, oversee these operations as well as the effort to cross-breed their race with humans in an effort to overcome the built in limitations. Females are taken, the DNA evaluated, and if acceptable, the female is tagged for future recovery. Males are also evaluated, and if suitable, tagged for future recovery, some of these males may be used to impregnate current stock of host females in order to assure the transfer of desirable traits to future hosts females.

Other activities involve evaluating the nervous and other systems and tissues in order to optimize the ongoing development their cross-breed's capacities.

The grays have several ongoing problems:

1. The need to increase their number as quickly as possible.

2. As their population increases, more support facilities are required and must be developed. This diverts needed resources from the effort of obtaining self sufficiency. Also as more excursions are required to obtain the suitable containers, the likelihood that their purpose will be discovered and coordinated native interdiction initiated increases. Also the sheer numbers required to continue the breeding operation mandates that they seek hosts in more densely populated areas.

2. As the local military capabilities become more sophisticated it becomes increasing difficult to maintain covert activities.

3. The master race may arrive and intervene at any time.

4. The governments that are aware of their presence may discover the true purpose of their activity and attempt active intervention.

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Comment from Dakota for Alien Origins
very fascinating but is how does this theory explain the multiple races of people on earth? is it possible that our people are refugees from dieing planets in the solar system? If you also notice, Each race of people are in specific locations on earth? A race for Each Location like Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and so on? all theorys are possible but why does it have to be so horrible? If Aliens wanted to invade or hurt us it would already have been done. More or less they maybe monitoring us. Instead of Mankind on earth being used as a slave race, is it possible that mankind was used as warriors to fight for the aliens agianst waring alien nations?
Comment from Dakota for Alien Origins
I mean look at instinctive nature. we come together to form nations and we fight. our statuer is perfect for fighting. why would any race that has robotics need slaves? im sure if Aliens have Space travel they have robotics right? another theory is that we are aliens that were sent here to mine and such and in many people stayed behind to make new lives. An add on to that theory is maybe this planet was used to hold prisoners such as POW's Crimanals and such and they were forced to mine and such. many theorys but we wont know the trueth for a long time.
Comment from Joe for Alien Origins
You postulate that a civilization that has survived 65 million years unbroken would employ slavery? Genetic engineered slavery? ... Granted they might have different moral values than ours, I find that unlikely. Also many accounts of interactions with the Grays do support your theory that the smaller more "submissive" creatures are under some kind of controlled direction - Almost like a hive mind or insect hive. However in all of these cases, there is always a taller gray with more personality and independence. Would they be slaves as well? I think we are dealing with multiple species visiting the Earth - Some more frequently than others, due to diverse motivations and distances.
Comment from Prasanna for Alien Origins
Is there any scientifically known evidence for such aliens?No!unless it is kept under wraps.How can you so strongly give this story then?Of course it'd be fascinating if this is true;but I don't think so.
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