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"The Eye of Horus/Ra" , "Sacred Geometry" and Pyramids

The Tomb of God

Known as the "udjat" or "wedjet" by the Ancient Egyptians, the eye was the emblem of the falcon-headed Horus [Ancestor of Kings and Sky God] and Ra [the Sun God and chief deity of the Ennead, the Gods of Heliopolis]. As Atum-Ra in the Ennead he was the Creator-God. The udjat, symbolising the Sun, was thought to protect the pharaoh [there is one at each corner of Tutankhamun's sarcophagus], and was used as an amulet against evil.

But there is more to this emblem "than meets the eye" [pardon the pun!] Question:- what do a) Ray Brown's crystal [described in "carib"], b) the reverse of the Seal of the USA, and c) St Piran's Church, Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, have in common? Answer:- they all feature the "all-seeing eyes" of an omnipotent deity. Although, the third image is early Medieval its features bear an uncanny resemblence to the giant Olmec heads in Mexico!

Images a) and b) feature pyramids, and I said in "carib" that the three in the crystal were linked to Giza. Pyramids, traditionally, are said to represent solar rays, seen by the Egyptians as the source of light and fertility. In the Armarna art of Akhenaton and Tutankhamun [possibly father and son], they protectively touch these pharaohs and their queens in a triangular formation. Maurice Cotterell in The Tutankhamun Prophecies [London, 1999] makes an interesting link between statues of those kings and pyramid design. If their navels represent the apex, he argues, then the eye on the capstone of the "solar-eye pyramid" [such as the one on the Seal], is Ra's. The pyramid-shaped skirts worn by the kings are decorated with solar rays, hence the most common interpretation of those structures. One example of a capstone bearing the udjat-eye [plus invocations to Ra] was once on the Pyramid of Ammenemes III, Dahshur.

In the context of the Seal, the "solar-eye pyramid" is "a well-known example of Masonic symbolism" [Richard Andrews and Paul Schellenberger, The Tomb of God, etc., London, 1996, pg 344]. The Latin in the motto - "Nova Ordo Seclorum" - translates as "New Secluded Order". [George Washington, America's first president (elected in 1789), was a Mason.] The date 1776 [on the banner] refers to the foundation of the USA as an independent country.

Freemasonry "evolved from the guilds of stonemasons and cathedral builders of the Middle Ages" [Encarta '99]. Yet Cotterell says that "developments that took place between AD 1150 and 1350" [TTP, pg. 202] hold the key to Freemasonry in their "Sacred Geometry". Via this the architects and stonemasons concealed "secret knowledge". Those "in the know" could readily understand these "hidden messages". The level of knowledge you are privy to depends upon your degree in the Masons. Cotterell shows, by comparison of various rose windows how Medieval craftsmen "encoded their divine knowledge of the sun" [ibid., pg. 206]. Cathedrals were often designed and constructed according to the Golden Section [aka Golden Mean], to ensure "harmonious proportions" [TOG, pg. 451] by following "obscure geometric relationships" [pg. 24]. The formulae in the Golden Mean are complex to follow, unless your a mathematician! Basically, it's to do with ratios.

The origin of Freemasonry is said to lie in the building of the original Temple of Jerusalem by King Solomon in the tenth century BC. The "chessboard" floor of the courtyard [as a Masonic symbol] has connotations of light and dark/night and day and life and death.

So why the pyramid? Is the order much older than we think? As the unknown architect[s] of the Great Pyramid appear[s] to have used pi before Pythagoras of Samos [c582-c.500 BC], the answer is yes. From the form of this structure one is supposed to be able to work out the dimensions of the Earth. Thus, like early medieval churches, the pyramid contains Sacred Geometry in its very proportions.

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