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Since the mid-1960s, there has been an immense increase in the popularity of divination, or fortune telling, among young people all over the globe.

Divination is an occult practice where a person foretells future events or gains secret knowledge regarding someone's personality and life. Popular methods of divination are: astrology, tarot cards, palm reading psychic consultations, mediums and ouija boards.

Why have these practices (especially astrology) become so popular in our modern 'scientific' culture? Because people want personal guidance in their lives. People want to know the future, because knowledge of the future means control of the future.

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: Divinition (fortune telling)

Divination is the attempt to foretell the future or discover occult knowledge by interpreting omens or by using paranormal or supernatural powers....

    :History of Fortune Telling
    :The Divining Traditions
    :Fortune-Telling. Chinese Sketches
    :Divinition methods

: Tarot

Some time in the first half of the fifteenth century, somewhere in northern Italy, someone created the first set of tarot cards. Like the playing cards of the time, the tarot deck included number cards (1 through 10) in four suits, and court cards page, knight, and king......

    :Tarot History
    :The Spreads
    :The Meanings of the Tarot Cards
    :Interpretations from Shuffling and Cutting

: Palmistry or chiromancy

Palmistry was practiced in many ancient cultures, such as India, China and Egypt. The first book on the subject appeared in the 15th century. The term 'chiromancy' comes from the Greek word for hand (cheir). ...

    :Indian Palmistry
    :Heart Line
    :Head Line
    :Life Line

: Coffee Tasseography - Fortune Telling with Coffee

Tasseography, sometimes called tasseomancy, is a branch of divination. It has been done for more than a thousand years in many areas of the world. ...

: Playing Cards: Fortune Telling

Fortune Telling decks, unlike the "Tarot Deck" are a modern product. Developed by card makers in the 19th century and dependent upon where they were made, they sometimes were based upon the 52 card standard deck, decks used for other games, or the Tarot's Major Arcana cards....

: Cryptique Talking Board Game

Cryptique Talking boards are a class of board games that were introduced to America in the late 1890s. Over the last century, these "games" have brought endless hours of entertainment to those who have ventured to play. ...

: Pathfinder Psychic Talking Board

Some people call these Ouija boards, or Spirit boards, Witch boards, or Circle boards, but those are just the various names for a certain type of psychic, scrying, or divination tool. ...

: Fortune Telling with Dominoes

Dominoes are regularly used in fortune telling in China at the present day, and their use for this purpose is generally known to the laborers who come to America. ...

: A Quick Guide to Reading Ordinary Playing Cards

Reading regular cards is called cartomancy or metasymbology. Playing cards have been called "The Devil's Picture Book" and have a few superstitions associated with them....

: Rune Stones

Like many other forms of Fortune Telling, the origin of Runes is shrouded in mystery. The word Rune is associated with several origins, from several different sources. ...

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