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Ancient civilizations

Both scientists and common people take much interest in ancient civilizations.

Some of the most intriguing mysteries are also the most ancient ones. The search for lost worlds and treasures and explaining strange buildings and sites have fascinated scientists, archeologists and ordinary people for centuries

Probably this interest springs not only from curiosity but the desire to learn what our ancestors could do as well. We have forgotten the knowledge that we once possessed and we are in search of lost experience...

So picture yourself as a traveler. You are an explorer who goes to the lost worlds... As a traveler, you seek one thing: knowledge.

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: Atlantis

Although there are some conflicting reports as to where Atlantis could be or has been, most researchers have concluded that Atlantis was located in the Atlantic ocean. It was so huge, it streatched from what is now the Gulf of Mexico through the Mediterranean Sea. ...

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: Ancient China

The History Of China, as documented in ancient writings, dates back some 3,300 years. Modern archaeological studies provide evidence of still more ancient origins in a culture that flourished between 2500 and 2000 B.C. in what is now central China and the lower Huang He (Yellow River) Valley of north China. ...

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: Ancient Egypt

Somewhere around 1375 years before the birth of Christ, an Egyptian pharaoh publicly changed his name. That change signalled a return to long-standing tradition, a hallmark of Egyptian culture that flourished for more than three thousand years peacefully in the rich Nile River valley. ...

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    :Ancient Egyptian Flying Vehicles
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: The Maya and Incs

From the third to the ninth century, Maya civilization produced awe-inspiring temples and pyramids, highly accurate calendars, mathematics and hieroglyphic writing, and a complex social and political order. Looking at the impressive remains of ancient Maya civilization, it's hard to imagine how such a society could collapse. ...

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