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: What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a therapy that deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands that correspond to all organs, glands and parts of the body. ...

    :Egyptian footwork
    :Reflexology chart
    :How To Do It Yourself

: Traditional Chinese Therapy

The basic theories of traditional Chinese medicine describe the physiology and pathology of the human body, disease etiology, diagnosis, and differentiation of symptom-complexes....

    :Chinese Medicine: How It Works
    :The Conceptual Basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine
    :The Five Movements of Life
    :The Zang-Fu Theory
    :Diagnosis Methods in Traditional Chinese Medicine

: Color Healing

Physical color in the environment effects our moods, relationships, and well being . As a tool for healing, color can be gazed at, beamed as healing light, meditated on, bathed in, worn, used in art and in ritual such as candle magic and mandala work and painting. ...

    :Red and Pink

: Sound Healing

For millennia, ancient cultures have used the voice - through techniques such as toning, chanting, singing, call and response - to draw closer to the unseen world and to enter altered states of consciousness during sacred ceremonies and rituals....

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