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Unexplored space

Is there life on Mars? Are the Black Holes dangerous? What are the stars? We don't know exact answers to these and many other questions. Few scientific disciplines seem to generate as many mysteries and falsehoods as astronomy and, by extension, the supporting space science effort to explore the unknown.

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: Scary Sounds of Meteors

While playing stickball one evening in the early 1970s in Dover, Delaware, Chuck Bonner and his playmates heard a loud, abnormal whistling noise accompanied by a buzz. ...

: Flattest star ever seen

To a first approximation, planets and stars are round. Think of the Earth we live on. Think of the Sun, the nearest star, and how it looks in the sky. ...

: Hot news for cold dark matter from Chandra

: Scientists Observe Unknown Lightning Type

Scientists have discovered a startling secret in the sky: gigantic jets of lightning that shoot upward from cloud tops to nearly 60 miles into the upper atmosphere. ...

: Young Stars Found Clutching Security Blanket
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