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: Spiritualism (spiritism)

Spiritualism or spiritism is the belief that the human personality survives death and can communicate with the living through a sensitive medium. ...

: A Brief History of Spiritualism

The various Christian sects have been opposed to Spiritualism in varying degrees. Yet Jesus Christ is regarded by Spiritualists as a great master. ...

: Spiritualism; Modern Spiritualism; Modern Spiritualist Movement; Spiritualist Church

Today, many are confused over all this talk about Spirit and Spiritualism. We have terms such as: Spiritualism; Modern Spiritualism; Modern Spiritualist Movement; Spiritualist Church....

: Spiritualists are urged to listen to the East

Ever since the Fox sisters first experienced the rapping in their Hydesville home, Spiritualist phenomena have developed in the same spontaneous manner....

: The magnificent seven

Ask any Spiritualist to give the basic tenets of their philosophy and they will probably quote the Seven Principles...

: What is Modern Spiritualism?

The core of Modern Spiritualism is based on the understanding that the universe is neither a static or created environment, but is itself both evolving and constantly changing....

: The Web of Life

All life is connected on a spiritual level; the higher the level of intelligence, the closer the bond that exists. The best way to picture this is to view the spirit of all life as an ocean....

: What is evil?

Evil exists because of the actions and decisions of people and groups that are detrimental to the growth of their spirit....

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