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Abductee memory problems

Seeing faces of aliens
Abductees have other memory problems apart from those derived consciously. It is important for abduction researchers to understand that sometimes abductees make statements that seem on the surface to be logical but in fact are illogical. This is not to say that abductees are deliberately saying things that are false. They are usually convinced that their memories are reflective of reality. For example, the story that the woman told me about the aliens purposely preventing her from seeing their faces I have heard many times from other abductees. When one looks at this statement from a logical point of view based on other information, its illogicality and irrationality is immediately apparent.

Abductees have had a lifetime of abductions. I have found people who consciously remembered bits and pieces of over three hundred abductions by age 40. I have worked with people whose abduction activity intensified to an average of once every three nights for several months. Even if the number of abductions is only one per year, by age forty that is a large number of abductions. The point is that these abductees have seen the aliens' faces many, many, times throughout their lives. If out of, say, 150 abductions that a person might have had during his life, I investigate six at random, what is the likelihood that I will happen upon an abduction in which the aliens would be shielding their faces knowing full well that the abductee has already seen them many times? The chance of this happening is extremely low. Moreover, invariably in the "shielding" session the abductee can be gently allowed to "see" the aliens' faces with a minimum amount of shock, and they very nearly all do. Furthermore, researchers hear the story of aliens shielding their faces only on the first one or two abduction events and rarely on succeeding ones. When a person becomes accustomed to recalling abduction activity, I personally have never heard of this event transpiring. The evidence inexorably points to the fact that the aliens are not shielding themselves and the abductee has interpreted an unconscious desire not to be shocked by having to confront the memories of the aliens' faces to an action of purposeful will by the aliens themselves. Thus, after becoming accustomed to remembering abductions, abductees no longer report aliens shielding their faces.

Conscious memories of abduction frequency
When people remember their abductions, they sometimes say that they were abducted only once. People have told me many times that they experienced only one or two abduction events in the course of their lives. The evidence clearly indicates that people might have had hundreds of abductions as the aliens continually "mine" them and use them for whatever purposes they chose. In spite of this, the secrecy aspect of the abduction phenomenon is extremely successful. The vast majority of abduction events are buried in the abductee's memory. Thus, when a person says that they were abducted only when they were a child, the chances are very much against this. When an abductee indicates that he or she remembers only one abduction, the chances are that they have forgotten many more, the latest perhaps being the previous night.

Abductees also say that they were abducted beginning at age five or six, and so forth. Once again the evidence clearly indicates that parents are abducted with their babies. Also, some abductees remember abductions, or parts of them, from before they were three years old. Therefore, because of memory difficulties, it is probably correct to assume that an abductee has had a lifetime of experiences from the time he or she was an infant, regardless of what the abductee remembers consciously.ABDUCTEE MEMORY PROBLEMS--THE MESSAGE A common event that abductees sometimes describe is that the aliens have given them a "message." The idea of the "message" dates back to the 1950s contactees and to the society's conception of what aliens would do if they were to "make contact" with us. The "message" suggests that the aliens are trying to contact us by establishing a flow of knowledge that would in some way help or inform us. They have imparted important information to the selected person. Receiving the special knowledge makes the abductee or contactee feel "chosen" and the recipient therefore has a special connection to the aliens.

One of the most important stumbling blocks in the idea of the message is that while the abductee might remember if one were given, for the most part abductees forget the vast majority of their abductions. If the hypnotist were not to investigate the event in which the message is bestowed, it is very unlikely that the abductee would spontaneously remember it and thus there would be no reason for a message.

Perhaps the most important problem with the message is the same problem as that of the aliens shielding their faces; the great number of abductions a person endures. If one has many abduction experiences during the course of his or her life, what are the chances that they would give a special message to an abductee while at the same time doing their routine abduction procedures? And, what are the chances that the hypnotist would hit upon that particular incident out of the many that the abductee has had? It is certainly within the realm of possibility, but the older the person, and the more abductions he or she has, the more unlikely it gets. Furthermore, the large numbers abductees militates against an average person being singled out from the other abductees. While it is always possible that the aliens are busily giving a message to an abductee every time he or she is abducted, this is not born out by the evidence. I have never gotten a formal message imparted to an abductee, although I have received reports of conversations which could be interpreted as a message in a very general sense.

These conversations constitute areas in which investigators must be exceptionally careful. One of the great "red flag" areas of confabulation is when abductees recount alien dialogue. When all communication is telepathic, it is easy for abductees to "hear" his or her own thoughts and think that they are coming from the alien. This can happen both in the abduction event itself and in the hypnosis session. Thus, by tapping into one's own cultural expectations of what "should" happen during an abduction, a "message" can emerge, especially if the hypnotist is naive or inexperienced and/or does not have the skills to understand the dynamics of the hypnotic session. The evidence indicates that the phenomenon is random and that the aliens do not particularly care about the average person's life or status. Messages are not part of the abduction phenomenon in any significant way.

The tour

Another doubtful idea voiced by some abductees is that the aliens gave them a "tour of the ship." The "tour" idea suggests that this is the first time that the person was abducted, that the person is interested in the ship's workings, that the aliens have nothing better to do than to show the abductee around, and that they obliged, as if the abductee were on a friendly visit.

In actuality, if a person has been abducted many times, the idea of a tour is somewhat illogical. In fact, I have only one case in which a person was given a tour, but it was in an entirely different context than what virtually all abductees say [it involved a young hybrid child who wanted to show the abductee the areas of the ship in which he lived]. What usually happens is that the person is led down the hallway from room to room in which different procedures are performed upon him. When an abductee has conscious memories without the benefit of a competent investigator, he tends to remember bits and pieces of n event which tend to assume more importance than they would if he were to remember them in context. Thus, when a person is walked down a hallway and sees, or purposely goes into other rooms, his altered state of consciousness, his conscious fragmented memories, and his cultural expectations easily allows for him to interpret this as a "tour."

Military abductions

The newest false thinking caused by the abduction phenomenon is at present quite controversial. Many abductees have said that the American military has been either working with aliens in a program of abduction, or they have their own abduction program in which they can accomplish things that the aliens do. The people who say this are genuinely sincere. They have no hidden agenda. They have only a desire to get to the truth of what has been happening to them. No matter who is causing the abductions to happen, they are the victims. But what are we to make of these claims?

Apart from abductee testimony, some researchers have suggested that the government has signed a "treaty" or "contract" with the aliens and are allowing the aliens to abduct people, and even helping them, in order to gain productive knowledge of extraterrestrial technology. I cannot stress enough that no evidence of this exists. The aliens can do anything they want. They do not need a contractual arrangement with the United States. They have been doing what they want with absolute impunity for perhaps over 100 years. Their technological superiority over us is supreme. They gain no advantage to show themselves, reveal their plans, take the government into their confidence, and then take the chance that the government will possibly discover a means to stop them because of its now greater knowledge of the aliens and their abilities. Furthermore, they have been abducting people around the world. Have they signed treaties and contracts with each country's leaders? Once again, there is not a shred of evidence to support these contentions.

Furthermore, that the government would be randomly targeting individual abductees for its own abduction program seems unlikely. First, government operatives would have to identify who the abductees are. This is virtually impossible because most abductees themselves do not know that they have had these experiences. There are some well-publicized abductees whom the government could target, but most military-style abductions take place with anonymous abductees.

It is always remotely possible that the government is abducting nonabductees at random for reasons that are unknown. But, most military-style abductions victims are also victims of alien abductions. Thus, the government would have to be working with selected "true" abductees thus making it in league with the extraterrestrials. Also, if the government had its own abduction agenda complete with an enormously sophisticated program of neurological manipulation from afar, one would expect that it would be using this knowledge in a variety of military and civilian ways -- convincing political opponents to do one's bidding, forcing international antagonists to cooperate with the United Nations, and so forth. To control the mind is to control the world. (The government admitted that it experimented with the military use of remote viewing. But remote viewing is extremely primitive when compared with the aliens' enormously advanced and sophisticated neurological abilities.) There is no evidence that the exceptionally useful neurological manipulation so common in alien abduction procedures, has ever been used by the United States in any situation for any purpose.

I have investigated several of these "military" cases. In each case, the abductors turned out to be adult hybrids wearing uniforms and engaged in behavior that could be easily mistaken for American military activity. These hybrids "interrogate" abductees, as if there were some "information" they want. They sometimes act threateningly and even violently. They "look" the part -- young, short hair, athletic. They sometimes appear to travel in helicopters or even in military-style vans. They abduct people to abandoned buildings, offices, and even to unused military installations. They may even abduct soldiers in uniform to do their bidding. Thus, people are being abducted by adult hybrids wearing military-style uniforms, but there is little evidence that they are members of the American military, although the confusion is understandable.

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