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Unknown Earth

We all together make history of our planet.

We means Nature, Space, people inhabiting the Earth. To know what is happening on the Earth is to prolong mankind's life on the planet.

We must take care of it if we want to keep future generations going.

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: Planet Earth

Many dream of traveling in space and viewing the wonders of the universe. In reality all of us are space travelers. Our spaceship is the planet Earth, traveling at the speed of 108,000 kilometers (67,000 miles) an hour. ...

    :Journey to the Center of the Earth
    :Life on Earth
    :How Old Is It?
    :Why is the Sky Blue?

: Nature Phenomena

They have the power to shake the universe. They helped form the earth beneath our feet. They can bring both blessings and devastation. No human can control them. No man can fully comprehend their awesome majesty. No year since the beginning of time has the earth failed to witness their coming. ...

    :Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights
    :Fata Morgana
    :Ringing Rock
    :The Fire Of St. Elmo
    :Chinooks-Warm West Winds

: Mysterious Places

Natural phenomena can hardly be explained, especially if they are dangerous. Some of the geographic names on the map are terrifying: the Hill of the Dead, the Devil Bog, the Gorge of Death. ...

    :The Bermuda Triangle
    :Nazca Lines
    :Uffington White Horse
    :Tiahuanaco, Misteries on the Andes
    :Tungus Marvel

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