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Many individuals claim to have been taken aboard UFOs, and most tell similar stories. These abductees find themselves in a domed and circular room filled with bright light, and cold, damp air. They are placed on an examining table where the aliens conduct a medical examination using strange scanning devices. Biological samples, such as hair, skin, and genetic material are taken. After the examination, they are shown a three-dimensional image, usually of some very emotional situation, such as a planet devastated by war or natural disaster. The aliens seem interested in understanding human emotions. They seem to communicate psychically, instructing the abductees to forget what happened. They then predict future events, often disastrous, and they promise to return.

After the abduction, the witness often remembers little, notices that a certain amount of time has passed without explanation, and exhibits physical or psychological symptoms indicating that something unusual has happened. Unfortunately, by most accounts of alien abductions, a person in this situation has very little control and simply may not be able to do anything to prevent what is happening.

However, the stories, even though on the surface can seem fanciful, are in fact quite plausible. Consider this approach: A race of EBEs have discovered our planet and have been observing human activity. To broaden their knowledge of our species they decide they need to bring one of us aboard their ship to do some tests. They use a general aesthetic or similar drug to put the subject 'to sleep' while they transport him or her to the ship with bright lights so it is easier to see what they are doing. While on board the ship, they take a sample of human DNA, and maybe some human cells, possibly doing such things monitoring brain activity. They may even do experiments and tests we have not even invented yet - they have shown an exceptional intelligence by travelling from their own planet to our own. Next they insert a small tagging device so they can track their subject, a possible explanation for the people who claim to have been abducted or had close encounters many times.

This is all hypothesising, we do not know why or even if people have been abducted. They could be dreams but even some respected scientists claim that they are not just hallucinations of the mind and that they are real.

There are many good arguments against abductions however; one of them is to do with the atmospheric conditions inside an alien craft. They would surly be identical to the composition of gases on their home planet. Now we can sidetrack for a moment to talk about the likelihood of this atmosphere being the same as ours. If we were capable of interstellar travel and looking at planets which are possibly to visit, we would select those which had a similar atmosphere to Earth so we could possible inhabit the planet. It is reasonable to think that beings from other planets would do the same. This would make their craft bearable for humans, so abduction without death would be possible. If the conditions were not the same, I would think that these advanced beings would think to give their subject a steady supply of oxygen, after all this would not just be a simple and quick operation. It would have to be thought out and would possibly be a volatile situation, even if they need not be scared of our galactic battle capacity, getting a whole planet off side doesn't seem like the wisest of moves.

Although no one can prove that people are actually taken aboard UFOs, if you should find yourself in this predicament, try to remain calm. Observe and remember as much as you can; even ask questions. Try to grab something and bring it back with you as evidence of your experience. As in life, having faith, courage, a sense of humor, and using your intelligence will help you deal with the most unusual situations.

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