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Antonio Villas Boas

Antonio Villas Boas was a Brazilian farmer. On October 16, 1957, at age 23, Villas Boas had an experience that may have been one of the first modern day abduction claims. His story was not publicized until 1964 and he also never profited from it. Villas Boas claimed that at about 1:00 a.m., he was out operating a tractor on the family farm when he spotted a bright light in the sky, which he had also noticed on a previous night. This time the object descended and as it neared the ground, three telescopic legs outstretched and the ufo landed. Villas Boas's tractor died and he became scared and decided to run on foot. Then a being of about five feet tall, grabbed him and in a frightened state, he pushed the being to the ground. He proceeded to run when he was stopped by three more beings who then took him into their craft. He claimed that every time he tried to yell, they would stop and look at him very curiously. He also said that they didn't speak really, but instead used grunting or growling-like tones. Once on board, he found himself in a small, cold, square room with no appearent seams. Then he said he was stripped down and coated with some kind of gel. He was taken into another room with a bed-like structure that had a strange hump in the middle. He was left alone in the room and after about a half an hour, a strange fog and odor began to fill the room. The odor was sickening, and Villas Boas was forced to vomit. After some time, a very humanoid female entered the room, naked. Some speculate that the fog or odor may have been to condition the air for the female, since he claimed the others who he saw were in some sort of space suits. She was under five feet tall with blond, almost white hair. He said she was almost completely human looking except for a very angular face, pointed at the chin and somewhat larger eyes, almost cat-like. He found himself aroused and eventually, they had intercourse. When it was over, before leaving, she rubbed her belly and pointed to the sky as if to say she would carry his child. He was then given his clothes back and given a short tour of their craft. Then, he was returned to the field near his house. When he arrived home, he discovered that over four hours had passed.

Villas Boas never changed his story and recalled all of the details without the use of hypnosis. When examined by Dr. Olavo Fontes of APRO, he was found to be okay mentally but seemed to suffer from weakness, nausea, and bleeding lesions, attributed to mild radiation poisoning. At the time, many claimed that Villas Boas was nothing short of a fraud, while others argued that he was rather poorly educated and couldn't have fabricated all the details of his story. Antonio Villas Boas died in 1992.

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Comment from luis for Antonio Villas Boas
I just want to know if this is true? so please e mail me
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