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Legal Murder

Torture and the death penalty for life forms, for all those humans who have committed an offence or crime - yes or no? This question is no question at all for responsible and healthy thinking humans, because to think in a responsible and health way precludes the possibility of any thought of agony and revenge.

If a hideous crime is committed somewhere there are immediate outcries and fits of anger by those concerned as well as by those not involved. Vociferous demands for torture and the death penalty are made that, consequently, every human who made himself guilty of an offence or crime shall be sentenced to torture and death, and shall be sent from life to the beyond. The guilty ones should be tortured, slaughtered, quartered, hanged, shot, drowned and beheaded; roasted alive, stoned, boiled in oil or cut to pieces. This is the reaction of the individual so-called human being and of people en masse when seized by anger and outrage, helplessness and fear because someone has committed an offence or crime. These people, who are convinced that they are better than those who have committed the offence or crime, scream for revenge and retaliation. But are these people who demand death penalty and scream for torture and death penalty any better than those guilty of the crime? No, quite the contrary. Those who favor or demand the death penalty or even carry it out are no better than the delinquents themselves. They are even worse and more criminal than those who are to be tortured or sentenced to deat for having committed a crime.

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