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Mexico, 1991 Eclipse

In 1991, as thousands of citizens in Mexico stared up into the sky at the eclipse, something unusual was spotted. Countless people claim to have witnessed, for lack of a better term, what can only be described as a UFO. Jaime Maussan was born in Mexico City, and earned a B.A. degree in radio and television from the Miami University in Ohio. He has had a 25 year career in the media and has received several awards. He is now General Director and Anchorman of "60 Minutes" Mexico.

After the 1991 Eclipse, he received a video tape of the event that showed a strange, silver disk hovering over the city. Maussan then asked his viewers to share any unusual sightings they might have had during the eclipse. To his and everyone elses amazement, 15 different video tapes, from different locations around the city and from different individuals, were produced. No one was prepared for what may be considered some of the best video evidence collected so far. Since then, Maussan has compiled over 5,000 videos and photos from eyewitnesses. This could be one of the largest collections of UFO videos in the world. He also produces a radio program "Jaime Maussan, UFOs and other Mysteries", which is a very popular show in Mexico. This story has also appeared on several U.S. programs such as SIGHTINGS.

The 1991 eclipse marked one of the most intense and sustained UFO flaps on record to date. Countless individuals have recorded the same or similar objects on video since and the residence of Mexico (and the rest of the world for that matter) have yet to receive an explaination as to just what these "disks" are and what they are doing there. This remains being just one more piece of evidence that can't be easily swept under the rug and ignored. Most investigators agree that something is or at least was going on there, and many demand to know what, to no avail.

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Comment from Joe Blow for Mexico, 1991 Eclipse
you were on lsd man.
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