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In spite of the fact that we will have to wait for practical use of this technology for long time, some people are crazy about it. What are these famous nanotechnologies? And why are people so interested in it?

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: Life Without Sex.

In barstool speculation on how long it's possible for someone to survive without sex, the phrases "old fossil" and "a million years" certainly do turn up. However-meaning no disrespect to snubbed Homo sapiens-our species doesn't even register in the scientific version of the debate. In this, there are genuine geologic fossils. And a million years? ...

: Nanotechnology - What is it?

Nanotechnology can best be considered as a 'catch-all' description of activities at the level of atoms and molecules that have applications in the real world. A nanometre is a billionth of a metre, that is, about 1/80,000 of the diameter of a human hair, or 10 times the diameter of a hydrogen atom. ...

: Ethnical and social considerations

Over thirty years ago 20th Century Fox took the moviegoing public (and Raquel Welch) on a "Fantastic Voyage." In this cinematic barn-stormer, a diplomat lay near death from a blood clot, until, through miraculous technologies, scientists shrank a 30-foot-long clot-busting metal ship to the size of a pin's head...

: Gut reaction

A bacterium that causes ulcers and stomach cancer is on the decline, but not everyone is celebrating. John Whitfield talks to the experts who have misgivings about its impending extinction. ...

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