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How To Do It Yourself

Wear loose clothing; sit in a comfortable position where you can reach one foot at a time; keep warm and avoid draughts. Apply pressure with your thumb or fingers over a variety of points on the feet. Start gently, and then go deeper until you find some pain or soreness. Put on as much pressure as you can, and go as deep as you can comfortably bear. Notice how sensitive different points feel; if there is deep congestion, it can be very painful.

Try this simple exercise if you are feeling tired, or lacking in energy:

Refer to the diagram on the right, always start working on the right foot first ( the heart reflex is situated on the left foot and it is unwise to stimulate this area initially).

Press the points for the thyroid, then switch to the adrenal gland; the pituitary gland; the liver and then finally back to the thyroid . Work on the right foot for 5 minutes, and then the left foot for 5 minutes.

Drink a glass of water when you have finished to aid detoxification.

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