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Parapsychology and Magic / Healing / Color Healing / 

Color Healing

Physical color in the environment effects our moods, relationships, and well being . As a tool for healing, color can be gazed at, beamed as healing light, meditated on, bathed in, worn, used in art and in ritual such as candle magic and mandala work and painting.

The colors you wear and see in your surroundings have a huge but perhaps largely subconscious effect on your moods, actions, and mental emotional states of being and function.

Marketing experts ,psychologists, advertisers and designers have long used color ,to affect you irectly . the color in your surroundings has amazing power to effect your moods and decisions.

The packaging on anything you buy has had the color scheme carefully worked out to encourage you to buy it. Restaurant color themes are often designed around appetite promoting colors such as reds and oranges and colors designed to effect how long you will want to stay in the particular room depending on the kind of turnover they need. the colors of your food can increase or destroy your appetite.

There are some limitations on properly displaying examples of color on the web not only do individual monitor screens each display colors differently the common netscape palette is seriously deficient when it comes to displaying the full spectrum range of color . my graphics are made in the high color mode with 64000 possible colors but I still find it impossible to have some colors be the right hue.

Spiritual light and color is used for healing the aura. and the physical body for deepening meditation and to promote specific effects in the energy field.

There are many systems of color healing and mandala work that can be used for healing, spiritual development, manifestation of material and non material goals these involve the relationships of the shapes and colors used as well as the intention for which the Mandala is created. not all Mandalas are circular in form . but can be any shape of image which is focused on in meditation or prayer and manifestation.

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: Red and Pink

Blood, roses, sports cars, lips, ripe apples, strawberries, peppers, cherries, warning signs and stop lights....

: Orange

It's energy is powerful on both physical spiritual levels. A combination of red and yellow in equal parts it combines physical, earthly energy with enormous vitality and stimulates, strengthens the senses, warm to hot. ...

: Yellow

Sunshine, Lemons ,baby chicks , egg yolks, sunflowers and daffodils, raincoats, rubber duckies. Bright and cheery, yellow is the color of intellect and is used for mental stimulation....

: Turquoise

Blue green and aqua, Love, healing, generosity, emotion, feeling, the unconscious, intuition, individual responsibility....

: Blue

Blue jeans, blue eyes, blue skies, blueberries, blue whales, blue velvet, blue ribbons, bluebells, bluebonnets and of course, the Blues....

: Violet

Highly spiritual energy which aids meditation, intuition and psychic activities, vision, imagination, intuitiveness, healing, mystic, unify, enchantment, inspiration, spiritual and healing......

: White

White: incorporates qualities of all other colors, represents transcendence, wholeness, chastity , innocence, reverence, simplicity, cleanliness, peace, humility, precision, innocence, youth......

: Black

Black: the hidden, mystery, ignorance, absence of light, opposite of white, Power, sexuality, sophistication, formality, elegance, wealth, mystery, fear, evil, anonymity, sturdiness and reliability......

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