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Red and Pink

Blood, roses, sports cars, lips, ripe apples, strawberries, peppers, cherries, warning signs and stop lights.

RED: energy, vitality , power, life force ,stimulating ,heat ,aliveness,conscious awareness, anger, danger , violence, sexual love, creativity. energy, courage, strength, passion, romance, impulsiveness and love.

The most physical, active color. A color of personal selfhood ( I AM). Red is a color of will. It supports survival and leadership.

Red Corresponds to the Sephiroth at Geburah (or Strength) and to Noon, Sun and the Full Moon. South, Fire, Root chakra. Summer. Young adult, Male Polarity, but also maiden ,mother and warrior. A color of force. It is a color of fertility and is representative of birth and the birthing process. Red lends power to intention as a neutral force. It keeps in check and /or restrains hostile attention. Red is used to draw the eye. An intense color that draws attention, red objects are noticed immediately. . Red clothing can convey power and energy, but may also invite confrontation. People may read the person wearing red as aggressive or seductive or confrontational regardless of the actual behavior of the person wearing it . Red cars are associated with speed. Red is a dominating color . Strong pure red is usually best used as an accent rather than the main color in large areas.

Bright red rooms often make people anxious rooms with a red toned accent can influence people to lose track of time, this is one reason why red is often used in bars and casinos. Restaurants often use red as a decorating scheme because its stimulates the appetite.

Red has a great many uses in healing

It can be used with other treatment for reducing cancers, for cauterizing wounds , drying up weeping sores, healing wounds, diseases of the blood and circulation. Red will warm cold areas and can reduce pain. Sometimes red will cause an intensification of pain in sensitive people sort of a "color burn". It can stimulate quick decisions or rash actions . It can help with depression. Red is not normally used on people with high blood pressure or anxiety. and is not to be used for fresh burns. Over exposure can make you agitated or even aggressive. Red Can elevate blood pressure and respiratory rate.

In the aura, red represents vitality ,life force, assertion, active urges, bravery, vengefulness, virility ,passion, drive, endurance, force of will, passion, vitality, desire, physical activity, excitability, anger, intensity of experience. symbolizes heat, fire, blood, passion, love, warmth, power, excitement and aggression. The color red has been maligned by some in the more class conscious and repressive past, being relegated to violence, anger and generally bad personality disorders. Shades tints and tones of red seen in the aura will be indicative of different qualities of character or transient emotion. Here are some possible interpretations of particular shades of red.

Crimson: optimistic go getter, challenging, competitive nature ,eager for success, ready to champion causes ,reckless.

Scarlet: impassioned, likable, spiteful, short tempered, volatile, vivacious.

Maroon: stamina strength purpose and restraint fighting spirit warmth cooperative effort, recuperation, moodiness, selfishness.

Dark red: anger, willpower,

Light reds: Often seen in Athletes and in young children. Denotes an inner vitality and is usually indicative of good health. These people enjoy lots of social interaction and have a very strong sex drive. Dark reds: can indicate touchy tempers.

Red or pink appears in the auric field when emotional thoughts and feelings are experienced.
If your favorite color is red, you may trust your feelings more than your intellect and be likely to learn through experience and to act spontaneously. You may be more sensitive to emotion than others . People who lack vitality , ambition and assertiveness sometimes purchase a red car, a red dress, or a similar item to help bring in those qualities.

Red is the color on the shields of heroes and famous achievers, such as Hannibal. Red has always suggested life and warmth, vitality, and strength.

In Chinese Tradition red is used on festive occasions. In Chinese science and philosophy, red denotes spice, vitality, and energy at its maximal state about to begin decline. Fung Shue attributes red to South and Fame.

The Chinese emperor wrote his edicts in vermilion, vermilion is identified with Li (that is, with red).

Red stimulates ,activates and energizes it is associated with the first or base chakra action, activity, practical skills, survival, motivation, protection.

There do not seem to be all that many commonly available red stones. Here are three that are very useful in Crystal healing .

Garnet: a speedy energizer increases energy and tends to enhance the activity of other nearby stones. Invigorating, fertility, menstrual concerns, cramps ,improve circulation, devotion and commitment. Balances the energy field ,promotes warmth and understanding and can help heal excessive grief and provide comfort during times of sorrow. is one of the speediest energizers. It will increase energy wherever it is placed. It will also tend to activate other stones placed nearby. Because most Garnets are small they are sometimes glued to the face of a singly terminated clear quartz point or wand to amplify their energy and to make it easier to hold or place them in treatments.

Red Jasper: grounding and gently activating, Nurturing, promoting safe astral travel, stabilizes and cleans the aura. healing, protection, endurance, healing, beauty, helps us accept responsibility, helps us realize our life lessons, protects in situations of danger , said to help heal tissue deterioration ,disorders of the kidneys, spleen, bladder, liver and stomach.

Ruby: energizing and balancing a major heart healer as well as a stone of survival , restorative, strengthens physical body, emotional healing, love, confidence, vitality, stamina, courage, strength, leadership, stimulates circulation, earth healing .

Cotton candy , flamingos , cherry blossoms, Cupid, dancer's tutus.

Pink: sensitivity , unconditional love ,gentleness, willingness to help others, Joy, Love, Warmth. love, truth, beauty, and health. A blend of red mixed with white ,Pink is related to both the first chakra and the heart chakra. It is a subtle mover causing action without overt force Pink helps to bring emotional balance and sensitivity into daily life. A romantic and tender color. Pink is tranquilizing and makes people calm and soft-hearted. Pink rooms have been used in prisons and mental institutions to calm aggressive people. Fung Shue association with southwest, partnership, marriage.

Pink in the aura can indicate a romantic nature, at peace with themselves, strong sense of justice, easily hurt, affectionate and warm, sensitive and vulnerable to hurt.

Pink is an official color of Valentine's Day, a Christian festival adapted from the Lupercalia. For the Romans, this holiday marked the official start of bird and human mating season.

Some Pink stones used in crystal healing are :

Rose quartz : calming and reassuring powerful effect on releasing repressed emotions gently nurturing and protective, bring in love energy, increase self love ,balances yin yang energy, promotes peacefulness, nurtures relationships. helps healing of the heart. helps us recognize beauty in art, music , gently removes negativity, helps the ability to give and receive love, effective for treatment of depression.

Rhodenite: is a salmon pink often with black areas works with the practical aspects of our feelings and has a greater grounding effect than other pink stones, Helps expression of confidence , love , calms ,protects against nightmares, eases stress, heals the emotional pain of loss , said to assist healing and acceptance of hearing problems and enhances vocalizations such as chanting, toning , singing ,mantras. It increases optimism.

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