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Sunshine, Lemons ,baby chicks , egg yolks, sunflowers and daffodils, raincoats, rubber duckies. Bright and cheery, yellow is the color of intellect and is used for mental stimulation. It is good for clearing a foggy head and can help you think quickly, its been associated with artistry, wisdom, creativity, confidence, exhilaration, mental, power, expectancy, tenacity, playfulness, light, easygoing attitude, illumination, also fear, caution, cowardliness, analytical attention, discipline, science, mind, overcoming ignorance, stillness, tranquility, meditation, strength in reserve.

Yellow is a symbol of new life and is energizing and stimulating. Yellow is the color of the individual will, it radiates high levels of pure energy, and can revitalize and energize the spirit. Yellow represents the power of ideas. There is a lot of contrast and even apparent conflict in the interpretations and attributes given to the color yellow .Shade and tone are very important when it comes to yellow.

Yellow corresponds to the Sephiroth at Tiphareth (or Beauty) and to Rising Sun , Waxing Moon, New beginnings, Studying and Learning, Mental activities, Divination. Clairvoyance. Communication. Element of the East, Air. 3rd chakra, (solar plexus). Warmth. , Spring, Childhood, science, philosophy .Color of the intellect, I THINK, Teachers and serious students, a spiritual color that is a symbol of deity in many religions. Yellow was the national color of old China, sacred to the emperor and worn only by him and his sons. It is yang chi, positive, active, energy in balance, in Fung shui, the color attributed to center and health. Southwest, Air in some elemental systems, Earth in others, mountain . The power to nourish, sustain, and adapt. Yellow is the color that is attributed to the third major energy center of the body - the solar plexus chakra is a personal sun center at the core of our individuality. Yellow is a primary color in pigment which means that it is a pure hue not mixable from any other color. In some energy work and mystic traditions yellow is considered the innate color of prana - the universal life-force or all permeating energy.

Yellow is the most visible of all the colors, it is a top attention gutter. Intense yellow is the color that is most stressful for the eyes .The amount of light that is reflected by this bright color results in over stimulation of the eyes, it can actually cause eye irritation. Yellow also speeds metabolism.

In Decoration, bright yellow rooms are often too intense, people may become irritated and nervous in a yellow room , children may have trouble sleeping and babies may cry more. Sometimes Yellow is used in areas where the goal is to move people through swiftly and discourage "hanging out".

Yellow is a bright attention getting color. Beginning web designers often try yellow backgrounds or text, such backgrounds make it difficult to read the pages ,Yellow text is usually very difficult to read, it disappears on light backgrounds and causes optical distortions on dark or bright ones. The yellow highlighter pens one uses in school, work because the yellow attracts your attention yet allows dark text to show through clearly.

When used in small amounts yellow creates a sensation of brightness and warmth, . It reminds us of a warm, sunny day. Yellow is like sunlight it helps you feel good but too much can hurt your eyes . Pure yellow is the most cheerful and sunny of the spectrum. A soft tint will usually be easier to look at.

The person who favors yellow over other colors is usually vibrant, optimistic and has the innate ability to make others laugh, playful, humorous and fun loving, they see the amusing side of life. They may often get into mischief and are driven to seek a great time. They would probably rather play than take things seriously. They often are natural artists and enjoy working with their hands or enjoy creative writing, They can be gifted at intuitive healing and divination. Less rounded "yellows" have a tendency to anxiety attacks and can be fidgety, confused or depressed if they are unbalanced and ungrounded in their energy.

They may have difficulty committing to a relationship and avoid involvement with the emotional problems of others, unless it can be fixed with humor. Though you will find they are easy-going and prefer not to hurt people. It's more that they cannot relate very well if they cannot use humor.

Yellow in the aura can indicate people with high awareness, intellectual curiosity , with the ability to organize or manage, an analytical nature , discipline , scientific mind ,artistry ,wisdom, creativity , confidence , exhilarated, mental, power, expectancy, tenacity. wisdom and intellect. It can even indicate awakening psychic abilities and clairsentience when it manifests as a very clear almost white glow.

You will usually see dominant yellow in the auras of those who approach life on a mental level first , they are usually bright and intelligent. Teachers and educators often have yellow dominant . When you do not see yellow in an aura, it does not mean that the person lacks intelligence, but indicates that they may approach life from an emotional or an intuitive level.

The lighter shades of yellow indicate keen, perceptive minds and people who can be trusted to get things done rather than just thinking about them.

Deep and muddy shades of yellow can reflect over analyzing. It can reflect being excessively critical and dogmatic. Sometimes emotions are undervalued by the yellow dominant person. Off shades can indicate caution, decay, sickness, jealousy and duplicity.

Deep yellow bordering on orange can indicate someone who uses his intellect to hurt and cheat others.

The Mustard and harsh glaring or sickly tones of this color are those associated with cowardice, fear, deceit and general cravenness or immaturity.

Muddy tones of yellow may indicate an inclination for problems with addiction of any kind such as gambling, sex, drugs, alcohol

Transient yellow in the aura around the head can indicate optimism. mental activity , detachment, gaiety, new learning opportunities, The pastel shades often reflect an enthusiasm for something (especially the pale yellow to white range). Dark, muddy "baby puke" yellows can indicate resentment or self justified sulkieness.

When You try to see auras you will see only yellow until you stop thinking hard about seeing auras . Yellow is the main color of thought and appears in the aura when a person is learning, teaching or trying to think something through. Yellow is one of the easiest aura colors to see. and because it is the color generated by thought it is one of the most common transient colors.

In Healing ,yellow must be used carefully because it is highly stimulating and can cause exhaustion and depression if overused . Yellow is used to treat dermatitis and other skin problems . It activates the motor nerves. It affects the nervous system, good for nervous exhaustion. Digestive disorders, gas, food allergies, liver problems, diabetes, hypoglycemia, hyperthyroid, gallstones, muscle cramps, nervous disorders, depression, exhaustion and breathing problems, lymphatic problems, dispelling fears, building bones. It acts as a laxative when you use it as an elixir in water (use blue or indigo for diarrhea }. Do Not use yellow for nervous breakdowns, use blue and green. Yellow relates to the Solar plexus Chakra , the nervous system, digestive and immune systems . The ability to discriminate and identify. stress, fear, happiness, are effected by yellow .A yellow candle or background light may be used to enhance the absorption of color healing work in general.

Some Yellow (or yellow family) stones that are used in healing are:

Citrine: helps keeps the mind clear and focused ,balancing and aligning chakra , mental clarity, memory, personal power, group unity , problem solving, will power, optimism, confidence, self-discipline, digestion, reduces anxiety ,fear , depression gentle grounding balanced stimulation brings out creative skills. Citrine boosts physical energy and assists with digestion and blood circulation. It helps detoxify the kidneys and liver, assists with back problems and promotes restful sleep. Citrine is said to be a stone that does not hold negative energy and may not require cleansing. It is a money stone and can be placed in the purse, cash box with financial papers or in the abundance corner (Fung Shui) of the house. : Citrine corresponds to the solar plexus chakra.

Amber: This fossil resin, (tree sap) is most often golden yellow or brown, beneficial to the nervous system and for self healing, promotes healing by transmuting negative energy into positive energy, it is calming and cheering and promotes active intellect in harmony with love and compassion in daily life. and is used to promote honesty and purify and clear rooms.

Iron Pyrites: "fool's Gold" cleanses and strengthens, calms digestion, repels negative energy, protective of physical, etheric and emotional wellness, can be carried for protection while doing dangerous work, helps develop love, friendship, strengthens bones, helps the immune system against infectious disease.

Topaz : protection, clearing , mental clarity, focus, ease worries, fears, mood swings, insomnia, highly energizing and warming, stimulates intellect and aids abstract thinking helps reduce negativity, exhaustion, and tension. increases blood circulation, used to treat liver, kidney, gall bladder, endocrine glands, sexual dysfunction. can relieve pain associated with arthritis and rheumatism.

Rutilated quartz : (golden rutile) good for moving healing energy and working to heal broken or damaged tissues

Tiger's Eye: grounding, tonic, speeds up energy flow and anchors subtle changes into the physical body. combines sun and earth. promotes optimism, insight, personal power, used for protection, solar plexus stone, eye problems, improves perception, courage, promotes transformation and inner knowledge.

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