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Center for Ethics in Health Care

Адрес : Oregon Health & Science University 3181 S.W. Sam Jackson Park Rd Mail Portland, Oregon 97201-3098
Телефон : (503) 494-4466, fax: 494-1260
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Ethical issues in health care pose some of the most challenging questions that health professionals ever face. And the questions change -- each advancement in technology, each new piece of legislation -- can bring a fresh barrage of vexing ethical dilemmas for health professionals and society at large.

Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy

Адрес : IREL Room 401 Baylor College of Medicine One Baylor Plaza Houston, TX 77030-3498
Телефон : (713) 798-3500, fax: 798-5678
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The Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy is a joint project of Baylor College of Medicine and Rice University. Baylor is primarily responsible for administering the program. The joint sponsorship of the program enables the center to draw on the rich intellectual resources of both institutions.

Center for Philosophy and Ethics of Science

Адрес : Universitдt Hannover Welfengarten 1 30167 Hannover
Телефон : 49 -(0)511-762-4801, fax: 511-762-4799
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Welcome to the University of Hannover Website. With some 27 000 students, the university is the largest higher education institution in Lower Saxony. Students can choose from more than 50 disciplines. Our range of subjects extends from science and engineering via the arts, humanities and social sciences through to the fields of law and economics. This diversity of academic and scientific disciplines combines with high-quality research and excellent study conditions to make Hannover University an attractive partner. Within the region, the university is a significant economic and innovative factor, while in the international field our university is seen as a highly proficient research and teaching institution.

Center for Philosophy of Religion. University of Notre Dame.

Адрес : University of Notre Dame Notre Dame, Indiana 46556
Телефон : 574-631-5000

Center for Philosophy of Science University of Pittsburgh

Адрес : Center for Philosophy of Science University of Pittsburgh 817 Cathedral of Learning Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Телефон : (412) 624-1052, fax: 624-3895
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In 1960, the University of Pittsburgh's academic vice chancellor, Charles H. Peake, appointed Adolf Grünbaum as Andrew Mellon Professor of Philosophy with the mandate to establish a first-class Center for Philosophy of Science. Taking Herbert Feigl's Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science as his model, Grünbaum, as founding director of the new Center, set about to develop a major philosophical research institute.

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