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Chowan College Center for Ethics

Адрес : Chowan Center for Ethics Box 1848 Chowan College Murfreesboro, NC 27855
Телефон : (252) 398-6469, fax: 398-6213
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To facilitate the emphasis upon "promoting and supporting the ideal of responsibility to self and others" contained in its mission statement, the faculty of Chowan College voted in spring, 1997 to establish the Chowan College Center for Ethics. The Center officially began its operations in spring, 1998 with the appointment of a Director and the establishment of the Center office.

Council for Secular Humanism

Адрес : Council for Secular Humanism DJ Grothe, Field Director P.O. Box 664 Amherst, NY 14226-0664
Телефон : (716) 636-7571. FAX: 636-1733
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To involve your group in an upcoming secular celebration, such as Darwin Day, National Banned Books Week, Church State Separation Week, and others

Department of Philosophy University of Florida

Адрес : University of Florida 330 Griffin-Floyd Hall Gainesville, FL 32611-8545
Телефон : (352) 392-2084, fax: 392-5577

Department of Politics and International Relations

Адрес : Dept. of Media and Communication Studies Keir Hardie Building University of Wales Swansea Swansea SA2 8PP Wales, UK
Телефон : 01792 513375, fax: 01792 513453
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The Department has an international reputation for its high quality research and teaching and was the first Politics department in the UK to have its teaching programme approved by a Higher Education Funding Council.


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