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Parapsychology and Magic / Fortune-telling / Palmistry or chiromancy / Finger Nails / 

Finger Nails

SQUARE : Easy going nature and an even temperment.

BROAD : A srong character with an explosive temper.

FAN SHAPED : Nails adopt this shape when the person has been suffering from long term stress.

ALMOND : Gentle, kind people who are often daydreamers.

NARROW : These people are cold and selfish.

VERTICAL RIDGES : May indicate rheumatic problems.

HORIZEN RIDGES : Dietry deficiences.

DISHED : Chemical imbalance.

WRAPAROUND : May indicate respiratory problems.

OVERLARGE MOONS : May indicate an overactive thyroid problem.

RED NAILS : Indicate people who are impatient.

PALE NAILS : May indicate an iron deficiency.

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