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Do you remember how electrical currents and "unseen waves" were laughed at?
The Knowledge about man is still in its infancy
- Albert Einstein

It would be arrogant to believe that our current knowledge is perfect and all answers can be accounted for in our current theories and framework. How far have we come in the quest for answering the questions about ourselves, the interactions between humans and our interaction with the world around us?

Today this question is mainly attended to by the sciences of genetics, neuro-biology and psychology. What they are not attending to, is mainly left out to religion and different belief systems.

This site will give an insight to parapsychology and what effect it has on how mankind is to be viewed.

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Spiritualism / Spiritualists are urged to listen to the East

Ever since the Fox sisters first experienced the rapping in their Hydesville home, Spiritualist phenomena have developed in the same spontaneous manner.

Spiritualism / The magnificent seven

Ask any Spiritualist to give the basic tenets of their philosophy and they will probably quote the Seven Principles

Spiritualism / What is Modern Spiritualism?

The core of Modern Spiritualism is based on the understanding that the universe is neither a static or created environment, but is itself both evolving and constantly changing.

Spiritualism / The Web of Life

All life is connected on a spiritual level; the higher the level of intelligence, the closer the bond that exists. The best way to picture this is to view the spirit of all life as an ocean.

Spiritualism / What is evil?

Evil exists because of the actions and decisions of people and groups that are detrimental to the growth of their spirit.

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