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Parapsychology and Magic / Phenomenous People / 

Phenomenous People

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: In the tornado embraces.

Rene Trouta survived in the tornado, which lifted her on 240 meters and in 12 minutes dropped in 18 km from home....

: Australian Hercules

Probably that's what people will call Jimmy Gregor from Australian town Bellereta. He is only 3 years old, but his result of 75 kilos in weight lifting is worth Guinness World Records. And in general it promises him brilliant sports career....

: 90 Years of Insomnia

In the 1940-es the old odd fellow Al Herpin lived on the outskirts of Trenton, New Jersey. And he was 90 then....

: Becker feels water.

K.J. Becker from Port-Elisabeth in the SAR, the employee of 'General Motors', has the ability to feel water....

: Homo Aquaticus

First man-amphibian was an American Francis Faleichik. He underwent appropriate surgery. However, further destiny of the experiment became the secret of the USA Navy authorities. ...

: 200-year old memory?

This incident is so mysterious and unexplainable that any mutually exclusive versions, truth and false, certainty and groundlessness equally have the right to existence....

: Clock-man

42-year-old Frank White has been studied in a researching center in San-Diego (California). This unique person has never had clocks or watches, as he always knows what time it is at the moment....

: Blood-antidote

First a terrarium worker Sinkh Abu noticed that cobra bite didn't do him harm, and he didn't even feel itch or burning pain. ...

: A man with 3 eyes.

Chinese ophthalmologists have examined 25-year-old resident of province Fuzyan, who has tree eyes. Amazing phenomenon (the third case described in science) has been discovered by doctor Jen Ichjun, who was in charge for the checkup of the disabled people group....

: The joke of nature?

: Snake charmer

70-year-old man from the town Zardab in Azerbaijan Mirgusein Aliyev with the help of prayer and spell made the snakes crept in the neighbour's house leave their shelter....

: God, let me sleep!

34 years ago Joann Moor yawned and: has never slept from that moment. Somebody else would be glad to have so much spare time! ...

: ...and stayed young.

This dark story took place in an American town Larami (Wyoming) in 1914: 24-year-old Ashley Wistel put a gun against her chest and pulled the trigger....

: Khanuma's tears
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