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Science View

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: What is Parapsychology?

Parapsychology is the scientific and scholarly study of certain unusual events associated with human experience. These experiences have been called "psychic" for want of a better term....

: Psychic Phenomena

Science has reached out to the farthest ends of the universe and it is exploring the deepest oceans. Everything in between is being researched and human knowledge grows by leaps and bounds....

    :ESP = Extrasensory Perception
    :Altered States of Consciousness
    :Powers of the Mind
    :Psi manifestations
    :Death and Reincarnation

: Subtle Energy

"Subtle energy" refers to the medium through which consciousness acts on the realm of matter and energy. According to a National Institutes of Health study, at least 52 terms are used for "subtle energy"......

: Happy Plants

Pleasure is a feeling associated with happiness and excitement. But nowhere in the definition does it say that it is restricted to humans. ...

: Natural born believers?

The basic argument of Soul Searching is that human beings desperately want two things: understanding and reassurance....

: Dreams and Parapsychology

Can dreams predict the future? Can people receive thoughts from other people during dreaming? There is a long historical association in people's minds between the everyday phenomenon of dreaming and allegedly paranormal phenomena. ...

: An Outstanding Gift - Clairvoyance

Each man is likely to possess abilities to recognize unapproachable things due to his senses. For an ordinary man hypersensual things, if they really exist, are mysterious, too remote and our thinking about them causes anxi ety and fear. ...

: The Paranormal - the Evidence and Its Implications for Conciousness

Those who recognise that significant discoveries in science are very often prompted by observations that do not fit expectations will find a stimulating challenge in accumulating evidence that it is possible to elicit psychic functioning in experiments with ordinary volunteers acting as subjects. ...

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