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Aliens, Space Enigmas, Unknown creatures...

Are they real? What if people create them to become famous?

There is so much information and it is so hard to say what is true!

We don't impose our point of view on you. It is up to you to agree or disagree...

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: Creatures

Spirits, vampires, devils: What are they? Scientifically unknown inhabitants of our planet or cruel mutants and murderers? ...

    :Poltergeists! Supernatural Manifestations, Human Agents or ... Both?
    :White River Monster
    :Griffins - The Eagle and the Lion

: Ancient Mysteries

There are many mysteries hidden behind the closed doors of history. In this group, we intend to unlock those doors and search for the truth behind the mystery. ...

    :The mystery of the "walking" statues
    :Gods, Humans and Dinosaurs living together
    :Meteors and Native Americans
    :Ancient Contacts in the Americas
    :Ancient Secrets Remain in Rosetta Stone

: Other Worlds

Some scientists engaged in the field of paranormal phenomena suppose that there are lots of other worlds inhabited by people like us. Contacts with them are rather occasional and as a rule they are tragic:...

    :Phantom Voices
    :Out-of-Body Perception
    :Voices From Beyond
    :Ghosts created by low frequency sounds
    :Angels, An Objective View

: The Truth Out There

Throughout history, people have enjoyed speculating about the unknown. Skeptics may question if what they saw or believe actually happened. In some cases, events are eventually explained by science....

    :What are Orbs?
    :The Wheel of Rebirth
    :The Mystery of the Miracle Bell
    :The Marfa Lights

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