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Science parade


Scientists are in a constant search and very often the way to the feature turns out to be the dead end...

On the other hand there always were charlatans.

We can't say whether there are more charlatans than they were before.

The modern science is on such stage of development when it is very difficult to check the scientific character of statements, science is a subject of much controversy and sometimes all the debates are of no use!

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: Microworld

In spite of the fact that we will have to wait for practical use of this technology for long time, some people are crazy about it. What are these famous nanotechnologies? And why are people so interested in it...

    :Life Without Sex.
    :Nanotechnology - What is it?
    :Ethnical and social considerations
    :Gut reaction

: Parapsychology

Parapsychology is the application of scientific methodology to "psychic", or psi phenomena...

    :You are getting sleepy
    :What is Parapsychology?

: Psychokinesis

Psychokinesis, a form of psi, meaning that apparently it is a technique of mind over matter through invisible means. Examples of PK are movements of objects, bending of metals, and determining the outcome of events. It can occur spontaneously and deliberately which indicates it is both an unconscious and conscious process....


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