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Among countless stars, is Earth the only planet blessed with life? Is this some miracle by chance, never to be reproduced on another world?

Would it be right to introduce your own beliefs, culture, and morals? Would you allow yourself to interfer with the natural evolution of a primitive culture or developing species of another world?

Would you introduce your own religion? Might your presence perhaps inspire new religions or beliefs?

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Comment from Rafael for Aliens
Nice Spaceship
Comment from Redaxe234 for Aliens
Its real and we are not safe This tape is only a few minutes long. Listen to this tape if you have not yet done so. It may be one of the most important few minutes you have ever spent !@ On the night this tape was made, Art had asked workers of Area 51 to phone in and spill the beans about Area 51. He may have got more than he bargained for ... When you listen to this tape, listen to your intuition. Listen to your gut reaction. Feel this guy's emotion. If you get chicken-skin (goose-bumps), I believe that is your higher self telling you that what you hear is the truth. When you hear silence on the tape - keep listening. There is more after a fairly long break. The silence is because within 2.08 minutes of speaking, the caller was knocked off the phone line. There was a massive shut down. On the very next program Art said they found out what the problem was: Their satellite had LOST EARTH LOCK. That means, it was KNOCKED OUT OF POSITION!!! What would have the immense power and capability to knock a satellite out of position so quickly??? Here is a transcript of the talk: "Hello Art? Art? Hi....I don't have a whole lot of was a former employee of Area 51...I was let go on a medical discharge about a week ago...and...and...(starts to cry)...I kinda been running across the don't know WHERE to start......they'll triangulate on this position really, really soon... (starting to break up and get more frantic--Art tells him to give us something quick>) we're thinking of as Aliens ...they're EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL BEINGS...that an earlier precursor of the SPACE PROGRAM MADE CONTACT WITH...uh...they are NOT what they claim to be...uh...they have INFILTRATED a lot of aspects of the MILITARY ESTABLISHMENT particularily Area 51...uh...the DISASTERS that are coming...the GOVERNMENT knows about them....and there's a lot of SAFE AREAS in this WORLD THAT THEY COULD BEGIN MOVING THE POPULATION TO...N O W - Art.....but they are NOT doing anything about it... THEY WANT THE MAJOR POPULATION CENTERS - WIPED OUT SO THAT THE FEW THAT ARE LEFT WILL BE MORE EASILY CONTROLLABLE....(breaking up more, starting to cry...)...I started getting...." Silence - Art went off the air at that point. (Art Later said he continued the call and by the END of it .... the Guy SCREAMED and the line cut of ??!!)
Comment from ragland rajaregan for Aliens
I have spoken to many aliens. They are here.

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